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Prophet Yusuf and his Brothers (Part 4) – Children’s Treasures

Prophet Yusuf

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

The fact that Hazrat Yusuf did not come back with his brothers was slowly breaking the heart of his Father Hazrat Yakub. He begged his sons to tell him what had really happened but they repeated the same story again and again. At last, Yakub told his sons that he would never be happy with them until they would tell
him the truth and this was the beginning of a long mourning period for him.

“I know he is alive, my heart tells me he is! You have wronged him and you were the wolves!” were the words of a father who was sad and grieving. The villagers of Kanaan were also sad to see the state of their Prophet and promised to search far and wide for Yusuf (as). When the brothers heard this they decided to go towards the well and see if someone came towards it.

Do you know what was happening with Yusuf in the well? Allah never leaves his loved ones alone. The people of Kanaan took a search party to look for Yusuf and although they passed by the well, they never thought of going there for a drink of water. This was because this particular well was a very salty and bitter one, and many of the travellers were aware of this. We also know that Hazrat Yusuf was in the well sitting on a Platform and drinking from the water which had miraculously become sweet and refreshing. The little boy cried as he remembered how his Father had hugged him goodbye that morning.

Oh Beloved father! How far we are from each other
When I was a just a small boy I lost my mother
How lucky I was when you were at my side
You took care of me and were the best guide
When I remember you, my heart crys in pain
How long will it be until I see you once again
May Allah make this separation bearable for you
And may he make it easier for me too!

Allah sent his angel Jibrael to comfort Yusuf in the well. The beautiful light of the angels words were soothing for the boy. However, Allah tests his true servants now and again. This is because one must pass through a test in life to attain great heights, just like a plant that must be buried as a seed in the earth first.

You must be wondering how people found him at last. Well, the story continues about the plan Allah had for his prophet. What happened was that there was a sandstorm in the desert and some travellers lost their way. When the sandstorm settled they saw that they were near this particular well. An old man in the caravan was extremely thirsty, the people of the caravan told him that the well was a salty one, and why should they bother to bring the water? But he insisted that they bring some water, or he would die. The people came by the well and put their bucket inside and when they took the water out, they were amazed to taste water that was sweet and pure!

The water in this well is sweet and pure how amazing!
The people drank it in turns, as it was hot and the sun was blazing
Never had they drank water so sweet
For the poor old man this was a rare treat!
Then they decided to take more from the well
All they could do was compliment and marvel
How lucky they were they thought
They had received more than they had sought

As the delighted caravan men put their bucket for a second time in the well, and they started pulling it out, they felt that this time the bucket was a bit heavier, and as they pulled it out they fell on each other in amazement and wonder. The fact was that it was a handsome boy that sat in the bucket! They were in awe of his beauty and nobody knew who the little boy was. They started asking him who he was, but he refused to tell them of his true identity and said he was the child of the well! The only reason he did not tell them the truth was that he knew his brothers were somewhere near, and he did not want to spoil their reputation.

Meanwhile, the brothers sprang up from their hiding place and demanded the caravan men to hand over Yusuf to them. The people asked them, “Why do you want him? Who is he?” the brothers lied without shame and said he was their slave who had run away. Finally, the caravan people said that they bought Hazrat Yusuf from them for a few coins. Yusuf looked sadly at his brothers and wished they would take him back, he was ready to forgive them completely. “oh if only they took me back to my dear Father, I would never tell him what had taken place” thought little Yusuf.

Look what came out of this well everyone
Is he an angel, or is he somebody’s lost son?
Never have we seen such a shining face
Never have we seen such beauty and grace
Who is he, this wonderful creature?
Of marvelous looks and handsome features?

The brothers then told the people of the caravan who wanted to buy Yusuf, that they would only agree to sell him on 2 conditions. That the men should tie him up so that he would not escape and that they were to take him far away from Kanaan.

Well, that was how Yusuf went far away from his loving Father. We will continue from here. I am sure you are interested to know what happened to Yusuf. Children, don’t you love Hazrat Yusuf as you read this story? That is the way you should read and understand the Quran so that you can take lessons from it and follow in the footsteps of the great Prophets of Allah.

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