Zishaan E Fatema Hussein Karim


Zishaan E Fatema Karim is a writer and a poet, passionate about making a difference and believes in beginning at the roots. She is a dedicated writer and poet hailing from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. With a Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education and over four decades of experience as a Madrasah teacher, Zishaan is committed to nurturing young minds with religious values from their earliest years. Specializing in children’s stories, comic strips, and video tales, she captivates little ones’ imaginations.

She also writes children’s stories and creates comic strips and video stories for little children. She facilitates Teaching Skills Practice programs under the MCE of WF and Leadership and Mentorship Development Programs under CBG of AFed.

Zishaan is a Trainer of Teaching Skills Practice programs through MCE of WF and facilitates Leadership and Mentorship Development Programs via CBG of AFed. Her unwavering passion for learning Arabic and reflection on Nahjul Balagha and Saheefatus sajjadiyyah shape her unique perspective. As a lecturer in the community and a teacher at Madrasah al Zahra, she shares her profound insights, believing that “Small change by Many People equals to a Big Change.” Zishaan eagerly anticipates the reappearance of Al Hujjah (atfs) to play a role in his governance system.

“Small changes by many people equals a Big Change,” is her motto. With that, she anticipates the reappearance of Al Hujjah (atfs) and wishes to be a part of his system of governance.


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Dar es Salaam, a major city and commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, grew from a fishing village. The open-air Village Museum has re-created the traditional homes of local and other Tanzanian tribes and hosts tribal dancing. It is part of the National Museum, which offers Tanzanian history exhibits, including the fossils of human ancestors found by anthropologist Louis Leakey.

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