Essay contests

In our continued efforts to boost reading, writing and speaking, we will again announce essay contests which will centre around specific provided themes.  Entries will then be accepted in written or spoken form and our panellists will act as judges to determine winners based on a particular fixed set of criteria.  The winning entry is then offered a place in the Panel while the top three winners are awarded certificates.

Check the League Table here

1Syeda Sehar Asad (Mombasa)85
2Asad Ali Virani (Pune)83
3Mirza Rizwan Ali Baig (Hyderabad)75
4Sukaina Somani (Ontario)74
5Syed Ali Karaar (Nairobi)70
6Ali Khatau (Dar es Salaam)61
7Mazaher Jaffer (Nairobi)60
8Mohammed Abbas Moledina (Dar es Salaam)58
9Masuma Dhalla (Dar es Salaam)45
10Aliasgher Walji (Dar es Salaam)19
11Zainab Hassan (Morogoro)17

Essay #1 – What My Community Means to Me


Entrants and Winners:

Position Name Entered Score
1 Syeda Sehar Asad (Mombasa) Written 22

Aliasgher Walji (Dar es Salaam)

Written 19
3 Zainab Hassan (Morogoro) Poem 17


Essay #2 – AI: The Future of Technology and Islamic Ethics

Writing contest

Entrants and Winners:

Position Name Entered Score

Asad Ali Virani (Pune)

Video 83

Mirza Rizwan Ali Baig (Hyderabad)

Written 75

Sukaina Somani (Ontario)

Written 74

Syed Ali Karaar (Nairobi)

Written 70

Syeda Sehar Asad (Mombasa)

Mind Map 63

Ali Khatau (Dar es Salaam)

Written 61

Mazaher Jaffer (Nairobi)

Written 60

Mohammed Abbas Moledina (Dar es Salaam)

Written 58
9 Masuma Dhalla (Dar es Salaam) Poem 45


Essay #3 – Challenges of Life as a Muslim in Today’s World


Essay contest

Essay #4
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