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My little brother

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

Sajjad was reading a book and he hated it when his little brother disturbed him. Sameer always came and asked him questions about what he was reading or tried to see the pictures in the book if there were any, and that really made Sajjad angry. One afternoon he was reading a really interesting mysterious novel and Sameer was trying to get his attention.

“Please! Sajjad play with me. I want you to teach me how to bat. You know I am poor at batting and everyone laughs at me in school!”

“Well, let them laugh at you, and just go away! Don’t disturb me. Cant you see I am reading a really exciting book?” He pushed his little brother who fell down and hurt his toe and started crying in pain. His mother came and scolded him, “Sajjad! Why don’t you give your little brother a bit of time? You are lucky you have a little brother, but it seems like you don’t appreciate the fact at all!”

Sajjad made a face and went out scowling. He hated his little brother at times. He always got a scolding because of him. Sameer was sometimes a pain in the neck!

The next morning as he was going to play his usual Saturday game of Cricket, his mother said, “Sajjad!” “your brother is not feeling very well dear, he has got a fever. I have to go to the market to get some vegetables for Lunch, please take care of him, will you?”

“But mum!, you know I always go to play a match on Saturday mornings, and now you want me to babysit this..this…baby…”

“Enough” said his Mother, “you will do exactly as you are told to” and she went out with a sigh. She was extremely tired of these quarrels, she knew all children squabbled but this was too much. It seemed like Sajjad did not have any love or feelings for his little brother.

“I know you want to go for the match Sajjad”

Sajjad looked at Sameer angrily, “I have a feeling you are just putting on an act! Fever indeed! You look completely healthy to me..”

“But I don’t feel head hurts…” said Sameer with tears in his eyes.

“what a baby!” said Sajjad hard Heartedly. “now I have to miss my game, I think you are the worst little brother in the whole world”

”I am not! And don’t worry about me..just go, I will be fine, as mother will come back in a little while” said Sameer

“you know what? I will certainly do that, I really think you are acting anyways. Aha! It’s all because you are scared everyone will laugh at your batting, and you want to miss this game, that’s why you act as if you are so sick. I won’t let you make me miss my fun too”

He went out of the house, but could not help feeling slightly guilty. What if his little brother was really very sick? He brushed away the thought and went running to the sports centre.

He was just on time, his friends were very pleased to see him. Unfortunately, he could not really concentrate on his game, he felt his conscience bite him. Why had he disobeyed his mother? Why had he left his little brother? Why had he been so rude and told him he was the worst little brother? Had he been too hard?

Sometimes in life, we say things in anger that we bitterly regret. It was 12 noon when he returned home. He knocked on the door, but there was no sound at all. He was suddenly worried. Where was everyone? His neighbour came up to him, “Sajjad! Your mother has taken Sameer to the Hospital for a check-up. She will be back just now, but you are welcome to come home..”

“Thanks, friend! I would like to wait right here..”

Sajjad sat on the porch and felt very sad and worried. He had called his brother so many bad names. His mother would be so angry he had left him and gone for the match. He bent down and felt tears in his eyes. What if his brother was really very sick? How would life be without his little brother? His brother always welcomed him when he came home.

There was so much fun on his Birthday when his brother came to wish him with a gift. When he won a Match his Sameer would look at him with such admiration, and that type of look could only be given by a little brother and no one else.

What a fool I have been! Mum was right, I have never appreciated the fact that Allah has given me a little brother who looks up at me and admires me and wants me to teach him things and wants my attention!

“Ya Allah! Please make my little Sameer well again, I do love him, Ya Allah! I have been a very bad brother”

“Hey, Sajjad! Did you win the match?” came an excited voice. He saw little Sameer come running up to him on the Porch.

“Sameer! My little brother! Hey you look better, you are not sick!”

“Well, I am, the medicine I took just half an hour ago has really done a good job. I just have a little infection that’s all!”

“I am so glad, I really think I will teach you batting tomorrow, it’s Sunday and I am free!”

“Really? Oh! I knew it! I knew you would be the one to teach me Sajjad!” said the little boy excitedly.

“But I am not happy with you Sajjad, why did you leave your little brother when I told you not to? I know Sameer told me how he forced you to go, but you should have known better” said his mother coming up beside them.

Sajjad looked down at Sameer who winked, and then Sajjad realized what a little brother was! He was the most special brother and friend in the whole world. Do you have a little brother or sister? Then you are lucky! I have both a little brother and a sister, so I have double luck!

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