Al Mahaasin, The Beauties (From the progeny of the Prophet) – Part Ten

The author, Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Barqi was a renowned Twelver Shi’a hadith scholar and historian of 3rd/9th century. Both Shi’a and Sunni scholars have relied on his hadiths.

Al Mahaasin, The Beauties

Chapter 9: The Merits of Good Speech



rom him, from Al Nowfaly, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws), from his (asws) forefathers (asws) having said: ‘Rasul Allah (saww) said: ‘By the One in Whose (azwj) Hand is my (saww) soul! There is no spending of time with people that is better than good speech’.1

From him, from Muhammad Bin Isa Bin Yaqteen, from Yunus Bin Abdul Rahman, from Abu Al Hassan Al Safahany, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘Amir-ul-Mu’mineen (asws) said: ‘Speak good (words) to be recognised by it, and do good deeds so that you would belong with the deserving ones’.2

From him, from Ali Bin Asbaat, raising it, said, ‘Rasul Allah (saww) said: ‘May Allah (azwj) have Mercy on a servant who speaks good so he would succeed, or remains silent upon evil by offering greetings (Salaam)’.3

From him, from Ja’far Bin Muhammad Al Ashary, from Ibn Al Qadah, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘Allah (azwj) Blessed and High Said: “But rather, I (azwj) Accept Prayers from the one who humbles himself to My (azwj) Magnificence, and refrains himself from lustful desires for My (azwj) Sake, and passes his day in My (azwj) remembrance, and does not revere My (azwj) creatures, and feeds the hungry, and clothes the naked, and has mercy upon the injured, and looks after the poor.

So that is the one whose light will shine like the sun, and I (azwj) will Make for him a light in the darkness, and in ignorance, a flag, by My (azwj) Honour. And My (azwj) Angels would protect him, and he will supplicate to Me (azwj) and I (azwj) will Listen, and ask Me (azwj) and I (azwj) shall Give. So the example of that in My (azwj) Presence is the example of the Garden of Al Firdous (the Paradise), its fruits do not rot and their colour do not change’.4

From him, from Ja’far Bin Muhammad, from Abdullah Bin Maymoun Al Qadah, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) from his (asws) father (asws), from his (asws) grandfather (asws) Ali (asws) Bin Al-Husayn (asws) having said: ‘Musa(as) Bin Imran(as) said: ‘O Lord (azwj)! Who is deserving from the ones whom You (azwj) would be Shading in the shadow of Your (azwj) Throne on the Day when there will be no shade except Your (azwj) Shade?’

So Allah (azwj) Revealed unto him(as): “The purity of their hearts, and the soil (on) their hands (workers?); the ones who remember My (azwj) Majesty when their Lord (azwj) is Mentioned; the ones who were yearning for My (azwj) Obedience just as the young one yearns for milk; the ones who harbour to My (azwj) Masjids as the eagle harbours to its nest; and the ones who get angered when My (azwj) Prohibitions are made to be permissible, like the tiger when it roars’.5

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