Advanced Degrees And Careers For The Youths Of Our Community

Akber A Kassam  (Minnesota, USA)

When I was in fifth grade, I wanted the lead role in our school play and education, but the teachers didn’t choose me. Nevertheless, I imagined that the girl who got the lead wasn’t going to be able to play the part, and the teachers would have to pick me after all, I always dreamed about it, and I enjoyed playing that part in my mind. But it didn’t happen that way.

Allah (SWT) doesn’t want us to merely sit around dreaming about things we can do and be. That’s a good place to start, but a poor place to stop. Allah (SWT) wants us to turn our dreams into action. We all have untapped gifts and talents inside us, and the way to develop our potential is by stepping out in our faith and making the most of every opportunity.

The Dream is about becoming the best you can be. It’s not about your bank account, the kind of car you drive, or the brand of clothes you wear. It’s about using your gifts and abilities to all Allah (SWT) meant for you to be.

Whether your dream is to be a Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, MBA, Liberal Arts, Business, Technology, Education, Human Services, Public Administration, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Law Professor, Health etc. Your dream is the promise that if you study hard, work hard, and dedicate yourself, and play by rules you can be whatever you want to be.

You can be in the career choice faster then you think and earn your degree, Today’s world is moving very fast, make the most of the gifts and talents and every opportunity what Allah (SWT). has given you; for yourself, your parents and your community.

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