Delusion in Knowledge

The Correct tools of Knowledge – A poetic journey in learning

The writer, Zishaan E Fatima Karim is a writer and a poet, passionate about making a difference and believes in beginning at the roots. She has a Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education and 4 decades’ experience in teaching as a Madrasah teacher. She also writes children’s stories and creates comic strips & video stories for little children. She facilitates Teaching Skills Practice programs under the MCE of WF and Leadership and Mentorship Development Programs under CBG of AFed. “Small changes by many people equals a Big Change,” is her motto. With that, she anticipates the reappearance of Al Hujjah (atfs) and wishes to be a part of his system of governance.

Delusion in Knowledge:

In those days of majalis on pulpit-the reciter as the sole visual-when, anything else was beyond imagination,

The heart and the mind were aligned, when the heart felt it all and the mind accepted it without a question.

The mind began a journey, with the purpose of understanding better, and with the Lord, have a better relation.

The world progressed too, meeting the needs of the mind, nourishing it with knowledge and satisfaction.

As the mind began to comprehend, boldly, it started looking down upon the heart and began raising objections.

With what the heart had geared the body to practice over years, now the mind began to experience frustration.

In the battle between the heart and the mind, I began to tremble, not knowing which path will lead me to salvation.

The mind, having an upper hand, began to bully my heart, and expected from it, silence-without reaction.

My heart cried, “Watch out!”  For Truth is one, and to it, there is only one path; the rest is deviation

The knowledge I struggled to acquire, was supposed to fill my mind and heart, and give me goodly direction.

It was to equip me with logical and intellectual arguments to defend my faith, and give me spiritual elevation.

However, since the journey did not follow a purpose, I drifted away, sadly, as a result of modern education.

Was knowledge, information, and learning the cause of my drifting, or was it a lack of complete acquisition?

‘The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you” is Werner Heisenberg’s affirmation

When I drink from the cup of knowledge, I need to continue sipping, as I vigilantly hold on to the ark of salvation

Imam Ali (as) says, paraphrasing from sermon 5, the waves out there are strong and the world is filled with delusion.

‘Steer clear through the waves of mischief by boats of deliverance,’ holding on to Ahlul Bayt, fight all temptation

The mind needs the correct tools of knowledge, to acquire authentic content, and have content retention

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