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Who is Imam Husayn

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

Abbas was angry as he didn’t want to go mosque again. His Father tried to explain to him that attending these lectures was very important as there was so much knowledge imparted in the Majlises, that it seemed as if one was attending a university where people of all age groups could attend.

Abbas did not like it at all. He felt he would rather sit at home and watch television or play with his PlayStation. He felt very lazy when he thought of all the Majlises he had to attend, especially now that it was the month of Muharram and there were Majlises during all the 12 days. Then he had an idea. He thought he would attend the Majlises, but somehow escape outside and talk to some of his friends who always stood outside during the Lecture session. He knew he had to be careful because if his Father caught him outside, he would be so angry that there would be a punishment waiting for him.

So Abbas had a lot of fun every night. He stayed outside till it was Matam time, and then he would come inside and act as if he had been there the whole time. The Preacher who had come to their country this year was Mr. Sameer and everyone seemed to be praising him. Once as Abbas was eating dinner in the mosque, Mr. Sameer came and sat next to him. Abbas felt rather awkward as he did not know what to talk about, but as soon as Mr. Sameer started talking Abbas felt as if he was an old friend. Mr. Sameer was really very kind and spoke in a soft tone and he seemed to have the most intelligent ideas. Abbas was
astonished at the amount of things he knew. He also seemed to talk about a lot of scientific theories and how Allah (swt) had created the world with his infinite wisdom.

Abbas was actually interested, and couldn’t help feeling sad that he had missed at least 7 lectures as this was the 7th night of Muharram. “ I always wonder why there is so much sawab in coming to Majlise Hussein, and I also wonder how Allah(swt) gave Imam Hussein his authority in a way that if Imam Hussein is pleased with a person, then Allah will also be pleased with the person!” said Abbas during the conversation.

“Well,” said Mr. Sameer. “I am surprised at your question! It shows that you were not listening to the Majlises I have given, or maybe you were having your 40 winks during my lecture?”

Abbas blushed and felt very much like a traitor. He could not tell Mr. Sameer that he had been outside talking with his friends. That would be like taking the cat out of the bag, and Mr. Sameer could also tell his father and then he would be in hot soup!

Mr Sameer looked at Abbas kindly and said, “Listen dear..there is a story I had talked about in my lectures, let me tell you in brief. Once Allama Majlisi also had the same question and he wondered at the great status of Imam Hussein (as), and then he was lucky to get an answer from Imame Zamana himself. Although when he was talking to the Imam he did not recognize the Imam, and thought he was talking with an Arab.

Well, when he asked the Arab this question, that Arab told him a story. He said there was a King who went on a hunting trip with his soldiers, but he got lost on the way. He was tired and hungry and came to a hut in a desolate spot. He asked the old lady there if she could give him something to drink. Now the old lady’s only possession was a cow. She at once milked the cow and he quenched his thirst. He was very hungry too, so she slaughtered the cow and cooked him some meat. The King knew that this lady was giving all she had for him, and she did even know who he was! Well later during the day, his soldiers found him and he thanked the old lady and told her to come to him whenever she was in need,
as he was the King.

The poor old lady could not survive more than a few days without any food, so she went to the King’s palace. When the King saw her, he welcomed her and gave her a lot of respect. He asked his advisors what he should give her as a gift because she had sacrificed all her wealth for him on that fateful day. Well, the advisors carelessly mentioned what they thought. Someone said, “Give her some land,” another said, “Give her some wealth,” another said, “Give her a few cows!” but the King said, “You have not
done justice with the lady. She gave up everything for me, therefore it is only just if I also give her my whole Kingdom and wealth”.

When Allama Majlisi hears this story he is so touched that his riding whip falls from his hand and the Arab picks it up and gives it to him, when Allama Majlisi says, “if only I would see my Imam now, as I have my answer” The Arab says, “it is your Imam who is giving you the whip in your hand!” when Allama Majlisi looked up again, the man had vanished.

Well, this story in actuality tells us that Imam Hussein gave away all he had in the way of Allah, therefore Allah said, “Oh! Hussein, now I give you that part of my authority, henceforth whoever you are happy
with, I will also be happy with him!”

Abbas felt the tears well up in his eyes. As he went home he thought, if Imam Hussein could give up everything for Islam, can I not give up some of my time to come to his Majlises? He felt so much love suddenly for his Imam, it was as if his heart was going to burst!

Moula Hussein! Give us the Tawfeeq to love you more and to do your Azadari the way you deserve! We love you Oh! Hussein!

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