what my society means to me

What my society means to me – Poem, Essay Entry

What my society means to me

Journey of life Zainab Hassan submitted this as part of the first essay competition, and resides in Morogoro, Tanzania.


he castle, very peaceful

The best place, very safe

But Staying there forever

Shall never be an option

Or else, it shall fall

No longer desirable to any

The village, full of strangers

Never do they listen nor do they care



Something is needed by them from you

From the castle,

Instructions and lessons were given

Leaving there is a given.

Chances of ears more scarce

than the talking…

The village offered ears listening

what come as advice was their interests  sugaring it with “your happiness “

Knowing nothing, less caring

When their interests are involved

makes you forget all the palace lessons


Whoever you have

Whoever listens

Are the best…

Time ticks and everyone shall head back

To the palace…

Palaces having the same principles 

Make life in the village harmless

   In my village

This shall never be the option

Then please   Your highnesses

      after advices and lessons

 Hear me out more 

Since what i face is the most to be talked about than any…

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