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Prophet Yusuf and his Brothers (Part 5) – Children’s Treasures

Prophet Yusuf

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

As the people of the caravan took Yusuf with them, they passed by his mother’s grave, and he asked them to let him get down for a while. The person who was in charge of Yusuf reluctantly agreed and when Yusuf reached his mother’s grave, he was overcome with grief.

My own brothers have sold me as a slave
I come grief stricken to your grave
Oh mother how I miss you
And now I miss my dear Father too
I go away with a heavy heart
This is the way my test starts

Yusuf cried for a long time, as he remembered all that his brothers had done to him, the person who in charge of him got very angry and as he came towards Yusuf lifting his hand to give an extra hard slap to Yusuf. As he raised his hand to hit the little boy once more, his hand became paralyzed by the power of Allah. He cried out in pain and when the caravan leader saw what had happened he was angry at the man who had hit Yusuf and asked Yusuf to forgive him. Yusuf did so at once.

The man started screaming in pain and no amount of massage or exercise could cure the extreme pain he felt in his hand. When night came, the man cried to the Idol he worshipped for help. Hazrat Yusuf came to him and gently told him, I will pray for you. Then he massaged his hand and prayed for him. Miraculously the hand was cured and the man slept all night in relief. Hazrat Yusuf kept thanking Allah and praying all night long.

The man woke up feeling so much better, that he said “Yusuf I will now worship your God, I have stopped worshipping Idols!” In short wherever Yusuf went he only earned love and admiration and this is a
fact in History.

He raised his hands to hit the little Yusuf
Of his status and lofty position he had no proof
Suddenly his hand became paralyzed
He felt the pain and looked at it amazed
He cried all night and prayed to his Idols in vain
But he could just not get rid of the pain
Then Yusuf forgave him and prayed to Allah
And he was cured completely subhanallah!

We shall continue from here- don’t miss it- the story is truly amazing!

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