Al-Mahaasin, The Beauties (From The Progeny Of Muhammad) – Part Four

The author, Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Barqi was a renowned Twelver Shi’a hadith scholar and historian of 3rd/9th century. Both Shi’a and Sunni scholars have relied on his hadiths.

Chapter 3: The (Group Of) Fives

From him, from Yaqoub Bin Yazeed, from Ismail Bin Quteyba Al Basry, from Abu Khalid Al Jahn, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘(There are) Five (things) if one does not have within him, he does not enjoy life – health, security, wealth, satisfaction, and compatible cordiality’.1

From him, (It has been narrated) from Ja’far Bin Muhammad (asws), from Ibn Al-Qadah, from Abu Abdullah (asws) from his (asws) father (asws) having said: ‘Amir-ul-Mu’mineen (asws) said to his (asws) companions: ‘Shall I (asws) inform you all of five (things), if you were to adopt these until you are exhausted you will not be able to come to the likes of these.

Do not fear anyone except Allah (azwj) and His (azwj) Work; and do not hope in anyone except his Lord (azwj); and the scholar who is asked is not embarrassed to say, ‘I have no knowledge of it’; and the ignorant is not embarrassed when he does not know when he is taught; and the patient in the affairs’.2

From him, from Muhammad Bin Ali, from Abdul Rahman Bin Muhammad Al Asady, from Hareyb Al Gazaal, from Sadaqa Al Qataab, from Al Hassan Al Basry who said, ‘I was with Abu Ja’far (asws) at Mina, and a man from Quraish had died. So he (asws) said: ‘Shall I (asws) inform you of five qualities which are from righteousness, and the message to Paradise?’ I said, ‘Yes’.

He (asws) said: ‘Hide your difficulties and conceal them; and the charity, give it with your right hand such that your left hand does not know about it; and be righteous with your parents, for in being good to them is Allah (azwj)’s Pleasure; and be frequent in saying, ‘There is no Power nor Strength except with Allah (azwj), the Exalted, the Magnificent’, for it is from the treasures of Paradise; and the love for Muhammad (saww) and the Progeny (asws) of Muhammad (saww)’.3

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