What is Hope?

Mohammed Khaku (Allentown, PA)

Hope is an intrinsic value towards optimism, success and positive attitude in life. Hope is a stimulator of activism and a driving force that leads human beings to look for solutions and strive for excellence. Hope reduces the worries and increases happiness. Hope is a state of mind that looks forward to a positive and bright future. Hope fills our lives with the dreams and vision of a better tomorrow. Hope is the energy that overcomes obstacles. Hope is the fuel that motivates, inspires and challenges us to go an extra mile. Hope is that mindset that envisions a positive outcome and focuses on success, but too often our success is weakened by negativity.

“Hope” is a very essential element for advancement of science. It is this hope that has made men discover the universe, the depth of oceans and if it was not hope man could not have landed on the Moon. It was through hope that Prophet Ya’qub found his son Yusuf. It was with hope that Prophet Ibrahim was saved from fire. It was hope that saved Prophet Moses and the tribe of Isra’il from Pharaoh.

There are numerous verses in the Holy Qur’an making references to the type and quality of hope and how we can inculcate in our daily lives. God did not send us to this world to fail nor did he send us in this world so that we may lose all hope and fall into despair. On the contrary God has made us the best of the creation and given us the best gift – the faculty of thinking. Al-Quran, the holy book for all Muslims, sheds light on this issue and urges one to be optimistic and hopeful. The Holy Qur’an condemns the phenomenon of despair. And the Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said, “Live a truthful, moderate and hopeful life.”

From Qur’anic perspective there are numerous verses and narrations of hope and despair. But how does the Qur’an instill hope in the minds of common people?

First, the Qur’an clearly states in Chapter 94 verse 5 “So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief.” This verse is full of hope that inspires and motivates the believer that there is bright light at the end of the tunnel. God is the best of planners during the time of ease and difficulty, but one has to have patience. Success comes with patience, perseverance and faith in the Lord (Allah).

Secondly, the Qur’an, Chapter 53 verse 39-40 say “Person can have nothing but what he strives for. That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in light.” Continuous striving is the only way to overcome obstacles.

May the Lord fill our lives with Happiness and Hope.

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