Sincerity and Knowledge of Imam Hujjat (ATF)

Khalil-ChampsiThe writer, Al-Hajj Khalil Champsi (Toronto, Canada) is a professional engineer, PMP certified, and a community volunteer.



eing sincere in one’s belief and knowing the Imam of our time ( atf) has the greatest reward

And Those who believe in Allah and His Messengers, they are the sincere believers and the witnesses with their Lord; they shall have their reward and their light. But those who disbelieve and deny Our Signs, they shall be the dwellers of the Fire.

Surah al-Hadid – Verse 19

The blessed Verse makes mention of sincere believers as those who believed in God Almighty and Prophetic calls.

The Arabic intensified form Siddiq


denotes one acting upon sincerity and truth in all his deeds, words, and beliefs and his outward reflects his inward and his inward is absorbed in the sea of spiritual and intuitive knowledge and sincerity.

Such people live according to truth and they will be rewarded for their righteous deeds and their light is the reward of their sincere belief. Au contraire, those who denied Divine Signs and Verses and belied the Prophets shall be friends and people of Hell.

According to Tabarsi, the eminent Shi‘i scholar, Harith ibn Mughayra narrates from Imam Baqir (as) who in turned narrated traditions from the Noble Prophet (S), saying:

“Whoever of you knows the Imam of his time and awaits his authority resembles one who awaiting the rise of the riser (may Allah hastens his arrival) from the Noble Prophet’s (S) descendants wages war in Allah’s cause or he is likened to one martyred in the Noble Prophet’s pavilion.”

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