A Simple Thought: Thursday, 18th May ’17

A simple thought from The Community on Friday:
As societies converged in the wake of globalisation, intercultural blending has left us with some indelible debris of a hitherto alien culture that has now become part of the traits of our young.  There is little we have done as a society what with the death of madaaris as an influential entity in our children’s lives, now reduced to a an organisation that is ever trying to appease the young.  In fact, because of the lack of fundamental knowledge of Islam, some parents handed the baton of leadership to their youth who imported new standards of morality and etiquette in the family.
Education, the most potent force in our lives, now imbalanced to provide a one sided view enabling a culture of arrogance, because of the lack of Islamic teachings of humility, slowly became the rule rather than the exception.  Street language that was looked down upon, now is the official language at home, with barriers of respect torn to shreds.  The youth, every generation’s most fervent hope, was handed a catalogue of gadgetry that is sure to occupy the rest of their lives.  And as the teacher became google’s algorithmic search engine, and the classroom, a tablet, there grew a feeling of total knowledge amongst these young people, intoxicated with their swish possessions.
Replace became the new buzz word, that stood tall over the worn out nomenclature of repair, resulting into enormous strain on family economics.  Frank became the new meaning of rude and symbolic show off became the new trend
If our homes will remain indifferent to our fading religiosity, then the mere appearance of our upcoming leaders may just be a frightening scenario.  For although, new learning is bound to shape our organisations better, and new professionals are vital to improving our lot, if the tint of Islamic thought, foremost of which is the leadership lesson by Imam Ali (AS), is amiss, then no matter how flambouyant the new leader, he cannot preside over an institution standing in wait for the awaited. When he comes, he must take to question those of us who are not even able to adopt the look of a Muslim leader, let alone emulate the actions of the Ahlul Bayt.
If we truly believe we are in a state of ‘intezaar’, then our appearance, our disposition, our actions, our utterances must all reflect that, otherwise we are simply being dishonest.
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Mohamedarif is a marketing professional and educationalist with a penchant for writing as a hobby since childhood. As he experimented writing about sporting events at first and then current affairs, he quickly developed a skill for observation of his environment and began to write on reform topics, especially in connection with the community. To further feed his pursuit of writing, he founded several newsletters and bulletins at his school and at the Husayni Madrasah in the 1980's, all the time learning from others already in the field not just about writing, but also about pre-press and production processes. He was also the editor-in-chief of the Knowledge Magazine in 1995–1996. A decade later, importing a flurry of ideas into his new home, Nairobi, he first founded a two page community newspaper then became a regular writer of the Friday Faculty before establishing the Community on Friday, a fully fledged Madrasah magazine in 1996. And while his writing at the community continued, he simultaneously started writing for a business weekly, pairing in with his newfound role as a marketing professional. During his time in Nairobi, he wrote several speeches for sitting chairmen and presidents while also giving some himself, developing his concurrent role as a public speaker and trainer.

With changing times and a decrease in advertising sponsorship, as well as a fall in overall readership, Mohamedarif transformed this publication into an electronic blog. Thus was born the Community on Friday in its present format.

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