Abida Ally, Dar es Salaam


Prayer is this special communion between a creator and His creation. We could just sit somewhere and pray to our Lord and it has its conditions as well. The two main conditions are sincerity and good intentions.

Prayer is this very powerful communication with the Creator that brings about peace and tranquility in a person. When we turn to our Lord with a true and sincere heart, there is one hundred percent chance that we shall feel happy from inside. All our sorrow and grief will perish away. The Almighty is always there to listen to us. Praying to God has several benefits. It is like a free flight that takes its passenger afloat and soaring to great heights.

All creations in this world, have been created to worship the Lord. We humans, including the vegetation and the animals bow down to the Almighty. When we pray, a heavy weight is lifted from our shoulders. Prayer actually stops us from doing wrong things as it takes us much closer to God. When we get closer to God, we remember that He watches everything we do in this world. Thus, the God-consciousness that comes within us, naturally prevents us from doing wrong.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in painful situations and hard times and we just turn to the sky and ask a power up there to help us. And suddenly, we see that things are going alright or we get this sense of hope that everything is going to be okay. Out of the blue, we just find solution to the problem or cure for the pain. But in reality, it is that sincere prayer that has ascended to the skies as prayer and descended to the earth as a solution, as a cure, to all our problems. But we tend to forget that sometimes. We forget to thank the Lord for all that He has given us. And that happens mostly when we are in happy situations. So for us to remember our Lord, he tests us with difficulty which is why we always turn to Him when we are in pain.

God, he wants us to turn to Him so that we can remember Him. God doesn’t like seeing anyone in pain. He simply wants us to be happy.

We may not know how the animals and plants pray to God, but they still do it. They still thank God in their own ways. God wants us to know how powerful prayer is that it could change us from good to bad, gives a success in everything we do, helps us during difficulties and much more. Prayer, is beneficial to all besides human beings.

Prayer is not just turning to God, it’s so much more than that. We cannot measure the weight of prayer. It’s so strong that its power is infinite. Surely, prayer cannot be conveyed by the mouth but it’s conveyed by the true and sincere heart.

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