Abida Ally,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Everyone makes decisions in life. It is a part of living. But we do not make decisions without a second thought or let me say without “a sixth sense.” This sixth sense, this second thought, is our conscience. It is our little voice inside our head that tells us what to do. This conscience cannot control the intellect, rather they work together. This way, we are able to think rationally but sometimes, our decisions are overcome by our emotions.

Our emotions are controlled by our thoughts. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t control our emotions. We can control them, only if our mindset is right. We can’t let our conscience control our mind or otherwise. That’s why when we make decisions, we are told to think over and over again so as to make sure that we are aware of what we are doing. Thinking twice allows us to listen to our little voice in our head.

For example, when we are doing a test, sometimes the first answer is correct but we end up cancelling it and getting wrong for the second answer. Our first answer is always right because it directly comes from the intellect that works with the conscience. But our first answer only comes after we ponder upon the question, not when making a hasty decision.

However, this our intellect is the most powerful thing. If it controls us, we have the ability to do anything in life and achieve success. We just need to focus and be positive when making decisions. We should control our mindset in such a way by telling ourselves that we can do it. In order for us to go higher, we should aim at being positive. Sometimes we feel that we are unable to do something because we don’t have the courage to do it, but in reality it is because we have already put it in our mindset that we can’t do it, hence we won’t give a try.

As it has been quoted, ‘A negative mind will never give you a positive life.’ We were given an intellect so we can control what we do, but if we use it in the wrong way, we will never be able to elevate ourselves mentally, physically or spiritually. Our status is higher than all of the creations in the world. This is only because we have an intellect and we are able to use it. As someone once said “Our mind, is very powerful. It can make us or it can break us. We can become strongly mental or mentally strong. We can have a hopeless end or an endless hope!”

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