Imam Ali A.S.’s Golden Words (3)

Contributed by Mustafa Mawjee,

United Kingdom

Imam Ali’s (a.s.) unique insight into the Offer of Peace Treaty

14 Centuries ago, Imam Ali a.s. wrote to his governor in Egypt, Maalik-e-Ashtar

Maalik, if your enemy invites you to a Peace Treaty that will be agreeable to Allah, then never refuse to accept such an offer because:

  1. Peace will bring rest and comfort to your armies,
  2. Will relieve you of anxieties and worries, and
  3. Will bring prosperity and affluence to your people.

But even after such treaties be very careful of the enemies and do not place too much confidence in their promises because they often resort to Peace Treaty to deceive and delude you and take advantage of your negligence, carelessness and trust.

At the same time be very careful:

  1. Never break your promise with your enemy,
  2. Never forsake the protection or support that you have offered to him,
  3. Never go back upon your words, and
  4. Never violate the terms of the treaty.

You must even risk your life to fulfil the promises given and the terms settled because of all the obligations laid by Almighty Allah upon man (in respect to other men) there is none so important as to keep one’s promises when made.

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