Glossary of terms from the Holy Qur’an

Mankind or people (Arabic: ??????, romanized: an-n?s) is the 114th and last chapter (s?rah) of the Qur’an. … The chapter takes its name from the word “men”, “people” or “mankind” (al-n?s), which recurs throughout the chapter

Also, the name of a Sura (Chapter 30, Sura 114) revealed at Makkah or Mecca containing 6 verses

???? ??????? ??????? ???????? {1} | Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men
?????? ???????? {2} | The King of men
??????? ???????? {3} | The god of men
???? ????? ???????????? ??????????? {4} | From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (Shaitan)
??????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ???????? {5} | Who whispers into the hearts of men
???? ?????????? ?????????? {6} | From among the jinn and the men

*Translation source: Shakir

Commentary by S V Mir Ahmed
This Sura is identical to the previous one (Sura 113 Al Falaq)
Man is asked to seek refuge in Allah (SWT) with His name ‘Rab’, i.e the Lord of men, the Cherisher, and Sustainer.
Invoking this great attribute, man can expect an especially paternal treatment

To seek refuge in Allah (SWT), invoking His authority over the affairs of men as their king, i.e He Who can independently act over His creation

To seek the protection invoking the divinity of the Lord as the god of mankind – for it is God’s authority which must necessarily be obeyed, i.e it is His command or His will which is always done

‘Khannaas’, i.e the one who withdraws or gets back. This is a reference to Shaytan who withdraws himself the moment he hears the name of the Lord mentioned

Satan whispers evil into the minds of men and leaves them to suffer the consequences of obeying his instigations to evil

Be the evil-doers, the Jinns, or human beings, it is a well-known fact that among the forces hidden from the human eye, which are active in the world, there are good and also bad ones among them. Jinns, like Shaitan, are spiritual beings

Overview by Pooya/Ali
The prayer of al Falaq continues in an-Naas.
Man is asked to seek refuge with Allah who is his Lord, sovereign, and God, from the power of evil of Shaytan and his followers among jinn and men who secretly whisper evil and then leave people to rebel against Allah and go astray.
By accepting Allah (SWT) as the Lord, king, and God, common people were liberated from the curse of superstition, ignorance, and exploitation with which the false lords and kings of the world had been subjecting them since the beginning of collective life on the earth.
For their emancipation and liberation, Allah (SWT) sent His messengers and prophets in every age. Therefore, material and spiritual purification is not at all possible unless man turns to his supreme Lord, king, and God-Allah.

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