Colour, Creed and Caste – Part 3

By Abdulhussain Tejani

(Dubai, UAE)

What does this mean for us as individuals? We discussed solving the disease at three different levels. However, for an individual or a society to tackle this disease, there are certain behavioral aspects that are critical at the individual level. These are:

  1. Introspect;
  2. Accept that a problem exists;
  3. Recognize how the disease manifests itself in us;
  4. Understand how it needs to be treated;
  5. Act on the treatment

So, can Racism be solved? Absolutely!

Let me end with the questions I posed at the outset. Choices are not wrong or right; what matters is the intention behind the choice. If you do not wish to be in a mixed marriage because of the color of one’s skin, then your intention is flawed. If your reason is based on compatibility, then you have the start of the makings of a sound decision. Unfortunately, it does not end there. Sometimes our intention of compatibility permeates from past experiences of potentially a failed mixed marriage. There your intention becomes clouded by tainting everyone with the same undertone – which again moves one into the racist realm.

Man has been blessed with intellect as the best of the Creator’s species. If you chose to raise your children exactly how you were raised by your parents, you then negate your God given gift of learning and evolving. It doesn’t necessarily make you a better person than your parents or forefathers. I prefer to look at this and ask, “Are we happier than our parents and forefathers?” the answer should tell it all.

As human beings, we live in hope for human kind to actually discover their true purpose in life. We all can learn to live in harmony, love and accept each other. The inner strength to accept the unknown with bravado and enthusiasm will enable you to overcome the fear that one associates with the unknown. As the world grapples with racism, we can no longer pretend it doesn’t exit, but must take these baby steps to find solutions to our individual biases –before it becomes too late for world and descend into chaos. It is all about building trust with someone unlike you, or even like you. It can be an exhilarating journey, should you be willing to take the first step. Will you?

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