A Simple Thought – Friday, 9th July 2021

Amidst the chaos, let common sense prevail

The anarchical world that we live in today is like nothing we have ever seen before. Even the homogenized new generation may have trouble in keeping up with the outlandish pace of change. And this is no ordinary change, it is one that purports to sieve the world’s populations and her demographics forever. It is the change that cements lies within truth and facts inside of falsehood. In the ensuing frenzy, large multinationals accelerate their encroaching actions of making a bad paradox, worse off. And since we all suffer from the dreaded Stockholm Syndrome where our offenders, the perpetrators who impunitively sell us adulterated foods on one hand, and rush to provide medicare on the other, where their armies obliterate a people in one instance, and offer relief in the next. Yet, helplessly trapped in the supply chain of procurement and consumption, we endear their products, further fuelling their expansion in all proportions.
There is little you and I can literally do to stop this purge besides resting intense faith in His majesty, for contrarian speakers, seen as dissenters, are still eliminated in the modern day as they were in the era of the arrogant and savage empires.

The firm grips of the pandemic have now exacerbated the challenge for all of us, accepting the newly taught chant of a new normal, is perhaps more consolatory than it is acceptance, for we do seem to have run out of choices now. And as this and other calamities ravage the world, it almost seems like the foretold apocalypse is inevitable. But the preachers and messengers of the new normal, either well connected themselves or symbolically totemic in their sociopolitical stature, look suspicious. This calamitous chaos is benefitting few people while hurting most, and one of the prime faculties, immaculately endowed by the Almighty in His original creation, but that is now affected severely is the mental and intellectual capabilities of most. In an already information-perverse and news-hungry world, where analysing information was getting harder and harder, in this new format of life, new information almost feels like a death sentence. The cleverness of an ever-evolving leadership knows too well to maintain credibility, and hence all negative voices are given a space to be heard, and then discredited causing more mayhem in intended audiences’ ability to understand.

A Muslim must hold tightly unto the rope of Allah (SWT) as more and more ridiculousness unfolds. He or she must implore for relief and for patience as the prophecies come to play. In a world driven by self serving leaders, we must find in us the exemplar of Imam Ali (AS)’s leadership, the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s perseverance, the calm wisdom of Imam Hassan (AS), and the courage of Imam Husain (AS). If we seek out knowledge and then measure it against common sense and wisdom, then we will not spend our days talking about the crisis and impairing our true undertanding of things as they really are, or at least ought to be.

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About the author

Mohamedarif is a marketing professional and educationalist with a penchant for writing as a hobby since childhood. As he experimented writing about sporting events at first and then current affairs, he quickly developed a skill for observation of his environment and began to write on reform topics, especially in connection with the community. To further feed his pursuit of writing, he founded several newsletters and bulletins at his school and at the Husayni Madrasah in the 1980's, all the time learning from others already in the field not just about writing, but also about pre-press and production processes. He was also the editor-in-chief of the Knowledge Magazine in 1995–1996. A decade later, importing a flurry of ideas into his new home, Nairobi, he first founded a two page community newspaper then became a regular writer of the Friday Faculty before establishing the Community on Friday, a fully fledged Madrasah magazine in 1996. And while his writing at the community continued, he simultaneously started writing for a business weekly, pairing in with his newfound role as a marketing professional. During his time in Nairobi, he wrote several speeches for sitting chairmen and presidents while also giving some himself, developing his concurrent role as a public speaker and trainer.

With changing times and a decrease in advertising sponsorship, as well as a fall in overall readership, Mohamedarif transformed this publication into an electronic blog. Thus was born the Community on Friday in its present format.

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