Your Life in Your Hands, Part 1

Contributed by Mustafa Mawjee,

United Kingdom

Spiritual Deficit Disorder

Spiritual Deficit Disorder is the result of chronic stress and constantly feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, too many places to go, deadlines to meet, expectations to live up to, and not enough quality time for YOU.  Spiritual Deficit Disorder occurs when you have lost that special connection with your Essence & your Spirit. It occurs when you are driven by something external to validate you.

Dr. Paul Pearsall, in his book titled “Toxic Success” states that people who are experiencing SDD (spiritual deficit disorder) suffer from a constant nagging feeling of self-doubt and feeling “not enough”.  The unfortunate thing about SDD is that no matter how successful one is in the eyes of others, no matter all the achievements and accomplishments… one still feels empty inside, like there is a “missing piece”.

For many who suffer from SDD, that nagging feeling of “not enough” and searching for the missing piece, only causes further stress, and a greater longing to return to Spirit. The cycle perpetuates itself until the body can no longer handle the stress and separation from Spirit.  For some, the wake up call is dis-ease in the body, for others it takes its toll on relationships, career, and even family.  People who are cut off from their Essence, their Spirit, have cut themselves off from the very source of their life.

We know that the “Spiritual Deficit Disorder” is the number one cause of Heart disease today. Research indicates that what is in our minds, our thoughts and the nagging habits that drive us to separation from our Hearts, is the toxicity that impairs our health and our well-being.  We need to slow down, reconnect with our Heart and Spirit and get in touch with what is most important to us.  How does one do this?  It’s far simpler than you may think!

The 4 Secrets To A Healthy & Spiritual Life

1. Breathe Deeply – We underestimate the power of the breath! Each time you breathe, deeply from your diaphragm, you are massaging all your organs, especially your heart. You are also automatically inviting your body to relax… let go and to surrender into the present moment.

2. Take Time for You – No matter what… Take at least 30 minutes a day for YOU – for yourself only – with absolute consistency. Engage in some activity or hobby that brings your heart joy, peace and love. Take a walk in Nature – Listen to what you love, specially recitation from Al-Qur’an –  Turn off the news and BE with YOU – Whatever it is… just do that something special for You each day!

3. Honour the words and the Wisdom of Your Creator – Every Word of Allah swt and Every Guidance by Him is specially for you – Practice trusting Him with all your Heart and Mind. Remember, He will never wrong you.  Trust in him fully and entirely and comprehensively and after you have done your best, whatever result you get, accept it with thanks and gratitude – because that is the only thing best for you, NOW!

4. Experience Unconditional Love – the Love of giving and not asking anything in return – Unconditional love comes from your heart… it is your heart. – When you discover your own self as to Why You are Here on this earth, you will feel that  unconditional love for yourself.  You will feel more joy, love, peace and true happiness than ever before. It will change your life!

5. Remember, you are the Only One Like Yourself in the whole of this universe.  There is no one like you – not even near to you.  You are unique and exceptional and the most precious creation of your Creator ~ otherwise He would not have created you.  Understand your value and your dignity and your purpose in life.

Allah swt glorifies Himself after creating you in the following remarkable words:


Certainly We created man in the best make (95:4)


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