Sarah Suleman,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The world is ever changing. Never stopping. Not to take a blink, not to rest a limb. We’re all in a whirlpool that doesn’t stop on our account and therefore our lives are found lethally temporal.
There are those aspects in life that fade, while there are those that are forever still. For those of the second kind, no matter what circumstance, these values remain to be existent. Almost like that resistant stain on your shirt, except that these values are embedded deep within the core of the structural universe and so, can on no account cease to exist. These are our functional constants. There are three constants in life. Change. Choice. And principle.

If we were to put these three words in our heads together, most of us would instantly make an analytical connection between them.
Our order will begin with principle. This functional constant will be our very first. Principles, in the angle of generations, are immortal. Whether one admits it publicly or not, each and every person is governed by a number of principles. Every new person is to adopt a principle. Principles are the very foundations of the ability to reason, for if one does not believe in anything at all, there is no such thing as truth in his life.
Thereafter, comes change. Change, no matter how high or how low you are on the rollercoaster, will come for you. Its configuration demands for it to meticulously approach each and every one of us. For without change, one cannot undergo progress. Similar to how without a break of dawn, a new day cannot begin. Change will mostly never make sense and therefore, it is here where the third and last constant pops in.
Choice. These are our possible courses of action. Just like every other constant, choices are inevitable. When faced with anything, we must make a choice. And you see, the very important fact that I must stress on over here is that, inevitable doesn’t stop at anything. If you were to, for example, face a death of a loved one, you could drown in rage and grief until you made sure no one else lived. Or you could weep and detach from the rest of the world completely. Or you could just sit there and blankly stare at whatever is happening. What is surprising to most people is that each of those methods that I stated above are choices, including the final one! The essential ideology that we all must accept is that you never live by chance, you only do by choice. So even sitting there idly, waiting for life to come pass you by, is a choice.
The reason this constant does not precede the constant of Principles is because at the time of making a choice is when one is really put in a spot of either standing by their principles or walking away from them.

Now that we know this, we can move on to our approach to life and to these constants in unison. You can call them spiritual strategies or fundamental laws, anything will do as long as you actually do apply them. These strategies are part and parcel of our approach to life. Our ways of being, doing, thinking, believing, behaving and engaging with life that can enable us to live towards our highest potential.

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