Abbas Hussein Nazarali

Marhum Abbas Hussein Nazarali


Abbas Hussein Nazarali


Marhum Abbas Hussein Nazarali was a lover of Ahlulbayt and was always ready to recite marthiyas when given an opportunity. He enjoyed interacting with people and making connections. He was regular in attending mosque programs. He enjoyed his long walks.

His advice to the youths: always perform your wajib salah, and do not forget Allah (SWT) and your parents.

One of the lessons learnt from his life: He used to remember all the marhumeens with a Sura Fateha and three Qul suras before each meal.

One of his famous quotes was from Marhum Maalim Najaf: Pray to Allah for “aaqibatul khayr” meaning “pray for a good end of life”.

It was on Sunday, November 18, 2018, he attended a full-day seminar on the book “Towards Eternal Life” written and conducted by Sheikh Bahmanpoor in Leicester Shia mosque, asked a couple of questions on barzakh, recited Maghrib azan, prayed and went home. After reaching home, he passed away peacefully.

May Allah SWT repose the departed soul in the abundance of His mercy and rest him amongst the chosen ones – Ameen. We request our readers to remember marhum and all the Marhumeen with Sura-e-Fateha.

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