Fatima, the Luminous Candle

Sakina Moloo,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Fatima’s life speaks of many events, Most of which they represent.. The value of her essence, And on every capital offense.. She kept brave and patient as it got intense.

Fatima is a perfect example of how a daughter, wife & a mother, Should act while keeping their decency with one another. The absence of nudity, recklessness & immorality describe her character.. And this made her a lady beyond every other..

They looked at you and called you oppressed..
Simply because of the way you dressed..
For they did not know what is inside..
And judged your clothing with pride..

Her life confirms that Islam does not deprive, Women who want to strive.. In acquiring scientific, literary & cultural knowledge in this worldly drive, For it gives life a meaning to stay alive.. And it carries plentiful rewards in both the internal and external thrive..

Fatima has nine names near Allah.. Honest as Siddiqah, blessed as Mubarakah.. Virtuous as Tahirah, Chaste as Zakiyyah.. Gratified & Satisfied as Radhiyatul Mardhiyah.. Az Zahra and Al Muhadathah..

Fatima, the mother of her father.. For He (the prophet) said she is my flower, When I call out to you on every possible hour, I don’t know how to describe your everlasting power..

Fatima’s life was passing by with years full of infliction & sorrow, On the 5th year, another tragedy clouded her life like a marrow.. The death of her mother, yet she could grow, For the blessings continued to flow..

When Fatima was 9 years of age, She was a fully grown woman who enjoyed the intellectual maturity stage.. Her talents & traits made Ali (as) approach her for marriage, And it began a new life page..

You brought up children like Hasan & Husayn, Despite all the suffering and pain.. It was all for Islam’s love and gain, For their life lessons will always remain..

Fadak vacillated in a strange manner,
You were displeased of his attempt to seize the garden of khayber..
For they claimed you have no share from your heir..
There are the people who abandoned the holy words and did not care..

It was a short life, as short as the life of fragrant roses,
The door was fired and pushed so close..
Your ribs broke and baby Mohsin forgoes,
What really happened Allah knows..

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