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Essay #6: Join the Conversation

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Essay #6

In the aftermath of Ramadan, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment, where the echoes of spiritual devotion and self-reflection linger. "Maximize Ramadan: 
Continuing the Journey of Faith, Reflection,
and Positive Transformation" invites you to delve deeper into the profound impact of the holy month.
From fasting to flourishing, our journey extends beyond mere observance, embracing the enduring lessons of compassion, gratitude, and self-improvement. Join 
us as we explore the positive changes and
outcomes that Ramadhan brings, empowering us to nurture our faith, cultivate personal growth, and inspire
meaningful transformation in our lives and communities.

The Community on Friday endeavours to highlight these modern-day challenges and issues that face us, issues that we can no longer ignore and see how an Islamic way of life can guide us in navigating through these uncharted waters.

This essay contest invites you to delve deeper into the profound impact of the holy month. We’re looking for insightful and heartfelt essays that explore how Ramadan goes beyond mere observance. We want to hear about the enduring lessons you learned – lessons of compassion, gratitude, and self-improvement.


Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • How has Ramadan transformed your perspective on faith and spirituality?
  • Describe a specific challenge you faced during Ramadan and how it led to personal growth.
  • In what ways will you carry the lessons of Ramadan into your daily life and interactions with your community?

Deadline – 19 January 2024

Short Essay Contest

This is an open call to all age groups of the Shi’a Ithna’asheri Communities worldwide.

All contestants will be awarded certificates Top entries selected by our panellists.

All entries will be published on our website

The Winner will get automatic admission into The Community on Friday’s writers and speakers panel



Choose one option

1. submit a write-up of between 700 and 1,000 words on the theme

2. write a poem of between 150 and 200 words on the theme

3. Submit a video speech of you or a self-made documentary of between 5 and 7 minutes on the theme

4. Prepare a Mind map on A4 paper size


Submit your entry

  • by email
  • by WhatsApp +255 655 276750

Please state your full name, age, and place of residence

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