A Lesson for Life

Mustafa Mawjee, UK

Imam Ali a.s. said:

Live in this world as if you are going to live forever. But be prepared for your death as if you are going to die at the next moment.

When we leave this world, what is it that we leave behind? Material possessions are meaningless. We leave behind who we are, our personalities. We leave the world with our memories, intangible and unique to each individual.

We should live our lives in such a way that behind every step, is etched a trail of happiness. Do good for others and be humble. Live a simple life and be content with every small thing that we have been blessed with. Never have pride or arrogance about anything we possess, whether it is wealth, beauty, talent or material possessions. Everything is a gift from our Creator and can be taken away at any time.

Do not pretend to be someone that you are not.   Let people see the real you. None of us are perfect, and therefore we should not portray to the world that we are the epitome of perfection. We have all been created perfect but have developed our own faults and we need to love and accept each other despite our imperfections.

Whatever good actions we may do, let us do it with the sole purpose of gaining the pleasure of our Creator. It’s amazing what a difference intention makes in one’s life. Do not do things for show, it should be done with a humble heart.

Treat your parents like gold. They are an asset in our lives and only when they not around will we realize their true worth. While we have been blessed with their presence, we should do everything in our power to please them, ease their burdens, and bring them every happiness possible.

Show people that you appreciate them. Let them know what they mean to you and express your affection for them. Often it is too late when we realize that there are things we should have told them. Live your life with no regrets.

Have respect for everyone, despite their age. Treat people well, both the young and old. Remember that one small action, a smile or kind word goes a long way. Never belittle anyone, nor think that you are above anyone.

Never turn anyone away and offer your help where you can. Take the blessings of people, especially the old and continuously seek guidance from God.   Life isn’t always easy, but we should remember that everything we do, every sacrifice that we make will be rewarded in the hereafter.

Live your life spreading love around you, and be the reason for people to smile.

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