ZCSS – The Difference it Can Make

Mohamed Abbas Burmawalla

(Dubai, UAE)

I am not sure if this is the right forum for an autobiography like this one. But I am sure that the message conveyed through this article is as profound and inspirational as any other article in the newsletter. So, I invite you to read on.

Born and brought up in a small city of Gujarat, India (called Mahuva) I was the youngest child of my parents after 7 daughters. My father, a simple accountant (muneem) by profession at a local private company, had to struggle to make both ends meet. Feeding eight children and getting seven daughters married was indeed a daunting task for him.

Given these circumstances, it would never have been possible for me to go for good education – or even going further than the primary schooling. But Alhamdulillah, Greatest is the Allah who is the cause of the means. I got an unprecedented opportunity to excel as the ZCSS of the World federation came to my rescue, through the Council of Gujarat.

Having realized that without outstanding academics, my fate would most probably be similar to my father’s, I put all my efforts in studies. And with Allah (SWT)’s help, I continued performing and the WF continued supporting me.

That was it. Alhamdulillah, today I am a software engineer with the Dubai Immigration Department.  Prior to this, I was with the Oracle Corp. at its India Development Center. And financial life has changed – completely – for me, my family and my relatives’ families. Looking back, I am afraid to imagine what would have been my life without education, due to the lack of finance. I would have been like my other friends/young relatives doing a mere clerical job fetching around 100 USD per month. And perhaps would have continued to do such work for lifetime.

Can you imagine what change that small amount from my sponsor (Till date I don’t know his/her name – Is anybody listening?) has made in my life? It has literally shaped my life – completely. The journey from small town of Mahuva – to Oracle – to Dubai – has been made possible only because Allah (SWT) rescued me through my sponsor. What else can be a better example of thawab-e-jariya (the continuing reward)?

I am grateful to my sponsor for my lifetime. And every time whenever I raise my hands for dua – whether it is Eid or whether it is Ashura – whether it is after Subha or after Isha – I first pray for the wellbeing and bounties for my sponsor and then I pray for my family, for it is s/he who, for the sake of Allah, committed to do something good, selflessly helped me to stand wherever I am today. Perhaps, even s/he would not know for sure, what difference the 10,000 USD or less that s/he has spent behind my whole career (I have already started repaying the loan to WF, Alhamdulillah) has made. May Allah (SWT) grant him/her and all in the chain, the best in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

There are many such and more potential students in the country; most of them in financial troubles. Together we can save at least a few lives and a few families to gift better careers to these youth. Let us do our BEST for this, impartially and selflessly joining hands to work for these people, forgetting all our differences and leaving aside all our personal interests, with true spirit of brotherhood and sincerity, seeking the pleasure of Almighty (SWT).

Great job done by WF & ZCSS. “Thanks” is a very small word to my sponsor

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