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Work is Worship – or is it?

The writer, Asgar Jafferali Dhanji (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) served as the Secretary-General of the Africa Federation for two – 3-years terms.  He served as JIBA Vice Chairman – with a particular passion to raise funds and offer Micro Finance to our Community – for low-income, underprivileged, startups, Business loans, individuals, and small enterprises — thereby giving opportunities to grow economically.  He is the founder of Imaan Finance Ltd — the First Islamic Finance Institution in Tanzania.  and has also served in Dar es Salaam Jamaat’s Arbitration Committee as well as a Board member of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Hospital – with a particular passion for the project of building the new hospital.  He is now a motivational/Inspirational speaker giving regular Saturday Fajr lectures at Dar Imambara.

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t is believed that majority of people are unhappy or dissatisfied with their working lives because work could be boring, tedious, stressful, ‘painful’ or even ‘scary’. This heavily affects our Personal development.

In a 2014 “Conference Board Survey”, 52% of Americans claimed to be unhappy at work and  in a recent CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) study, 23% of Britons claimed to be looking for a new job.

You can even make out the  stress and depression during rush hour – in the tired faces and sad-looking faces of so many commuters.

This would not be a problem if work took up a small part of your life, but unfortunately it consumes most of your daylight hours. Typically 2,250 hours per annum of your time – assuming nine hours working time – excluding commuting, time spent on reading emails while getting ready for bed or breakfast.

So how do you make your job enjoyable or even tolerable?

This can be partly explained by the with “Bricklayers” attitude. Alter your mindset, finding the positives in your daily work. 

Secondly, try to delegate those parts of jobs that you do not like to someone – who may like it! 

Thirdly discuss with your boss how the job can be more engaging and enjoyable. No boss wants their staff to be demotivated and depressed. 

Fourthly, if your work environment is enjoyable – with areas of relaxation  available, beverages are provided, or even better, if lunches are facilitated and the general outlook is positive – such an environment can really lift you up.

Fifthly, your fellow staff matters a lot! The friendly accommodating relations omg staff by virtue of training/mentoring them – can help a lot in the moods of workers. 

Finally – it boils down even to the Boss – if he is a ‘people boss’ – who has consideration, compassion and aspirit of cooperation, then your work atmosphere is  elevated and gives you a “Feel Good Factor”. 

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