What ChatGPT says about…Mulla Nasruddin, the ‘Wise’ Machine, and the Donkey

Hasnain-Walji Dr. Hasnain Gulamali Walji is a recognized thought leader specializing in the intersection of technology, AI, and human behaviour. He serves as the President of Integrative Quest, developing e-learning products for the financial and healthcare sectors. With over 26 books on nutrition and natural medicine, his expertise is well-regarded in the field.

He is the Executive Director of the United Global Initiative, an international NGO committed to women’s empowerment and social justice. Its flagship program, CodeGirls, encourages girls from marginalized societies to join the tech sector. He also holds directorial positions with the Jaffer Family Foundation, the Oasis Center for Intellectual Development, and the Karbala Center for Humanity, and contributes to Harvard Divinity School’s ‘Ashura At Harvard’ study track.

With over four decades of service to the Muslim community, Dr Walji’s commitments include active roles on boards such as the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, American Muslim Health Professionals, National Muslim Catholic Dialogue, and the Interfaith Peace Ministry of Orange County, among others. As an oral historian, he produced the documentary “The Khojas – A Journey of Faith,” tracing his community’s heritage over seven centuries.
In his golden years, Dr Walji continues to dedicate himself to research, education, and social justice activism, driven by a vision to create a better world for his seven grandchildren. Digital Media marketing as well as Education.



n the bustling town of Aksehir, Mulla Nasrudin’s reputation for wisdom was rivalled only by his fondness for his loyal donkey. One day, a local inventor unveiled his latest contraption, a machine he claimed could rival the wisdom of any human.

Curious townsfolk gathered in the square, peppering the machine with questions. Seeing the commotion, Nasrudin wandered over, his donkey in tow.

“What is the secret to a long and happy life?” asked one man. In a monotonous drone, the machine replied, “A balanced diet, regular exercise, and sound sleep.”

The crowd erupted in applause, and the inventor beamed proudly. Mulla Nasrudin, stroking his beard thoughtfully, stepped forward. “Oh Wise Machine,” he said, “can you tell me about the happiest day of your life?”

The machine whirred, buzzed, and then fell silent. The inventor flustered, admitted, “The machine doesn’t have personal experiences or emotions.”

A twinkle appeared in Nasrudin’s eyes. He turned to his donkey, now busily munching on a patch of grass, and asked loudly, “And what about you, friend? What was the happiest day of your life?”

The donkey, hearing Nasrudin’s voice, lifted its head, gave a cheerful bray, and returned to its grass, as if to say, “Any day with a good meal is a happy day to me!”

The crowd burst into laughter, and even the inventor couldn’t help but smile.

“Behold,” Nasrudin said, turning back to the crowd. “My donkey has no words, yet expressed more wisdom than the machine. For wisdom isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about experience, emotion, and, most importantly, a good meal!” And with that, he and his wise donkey left the crowd to ponder the true nature of wisdom, leaving the “wise” machine humming quietly to itself.

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