Theme #11: The erosion of etiquette and discipline in the digital era: A cause for concern?


Etiquette: The Community on Friday is pleased to announce the launch of Theme #11 entitled Announcing Theme #11: The Erosion of Etiquette and Discipline in the Digital Era: A Cause for Concern?

Please read what our panellists will be presenting on the theme, discussing the various dimensions of the topic all through Rabbi ul Awwal and Rabbi ul Aakhar 1445 AH.

Simultaneously, an Essay contest on the same subject will soon be announced.

[Our presenters]

15 September 2023 – Mehreen Nazarali Versi

22 September 2023 – Ayyad Dilawar Padhani

29 September 2023 – Dr Hasnain Gulamali Walji

6 October 2023 – Zamena Manekia Manji

13 October 2023 – Mohammed H Dewji

20 October 2023 – Zishaan E Fatema Karim

27 October 2023 – Dr Sibtain Akber Panjwani

27 October 2023 – Abdulhussain Tejani

[A Simple Thought presenters]

Asger Jafferali Dhanji

Alhajj Khalil Mohammed Hassan Champsi

Mohamedarif Mohamed Suleman

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The digital era has brought about many changes in the way we communicate, interact, and behave. With the advent of social media, smartphones, and other forms of digital communication, it has become easier than ever to connect with people from all over the world. 

However, this increased connectivity has also come with a price. Etiquette and discipline, two qualities that are essential for a civilized society, have eroded in the digital era.

The Community on Friday endeavours to highlight these modern-day challenges and issues that face us, issues that we can no longer ignore and see how an Islamic way of life can guide us in navigating through these uncharted waters.

The new series of articles explores the topic of how the digital era has affected the norms and values of etiquette and discipline in various aspects of life. The essays will argue that the erosion of these principles is a cause for concern, as it can have negative impacts on personal, social and professional relationships, as well as on mental health and well-being. Writers may also suggest some possible solutions and recommendations to address this issue and to foster a culture of respect, civility and responsibility in the digital age. The theme is divided into three main sections: the first section provides an overview of the concept and importance of etiquette and discipline; the second section examines some of the factors and challenges that contribute to their decline in the digital era; and the third section discusses some of the implications and consequences of this phenomenon, as well as some of the ways to prevent or mitigate it. Here is a call for action to preserve and promote etiquette and discipline in the digital era.

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