Theme #12: Our Moral Compass Shapes Our Interactions


Etiquette: The Community on Friday is pleased to announce the launch of Theme #12 entitled Our Moral Compass Shapes Our Interactions

Please read what our panellists will be presenting on the theme, discussing the various dimensions of the topic all through Jamaadi ul Awwal and Jamaadi ul Aakhar 1445 AH.

Simultaneously, an Essay contest on the same subject will soon be announced.

[Our presenters]

10 November 2023: Mehreen Nazarali Versi
17 November 2023: Dr Imranali Sibtain Panjwani
24 November 2023: Zamena Manekia-Manji
1 December 2023: Sameer Murad Kermalli
8 December 2023: Saleha Suleman-Janmohammed
15 December 2023: Ayyad Dilawar Padhani
22 December 2023: Dr Sibtain Akber Panjwani
29 December 2023: Zishaan e Fatima Karim

[A Simple Thought presenters]

Asger Jafferali Dhanji

Alhajj Khalil Mohammed Hassan Champsi

Mohamedarif Mohamed Suleman

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We all have a moral compass, a set of principles and values that guide our actions and decisions. Our moral compass is influenced by many factors, such as our upbringing, culture, religion, education, and personal experiences. But how does our moral compass shape our interactions with others? How do we navigate the complex and diverse world of moral dilemmas and conflicts? How do we balance our own moral convictions with respect for different perspectives and beliefs?

In this series, we will explore these questions and more. We will examine how our moral compass affects our communication, relationships, cooperation, and conflict resolution. We will also discuss how we can develop and refine our moral compass to become more ethical, compassionate, and responsible individuals and citizens. We will draw on insights from psychology, philosophy, sociology, and neuroscience to understand the nature and function of our moral compass. 

We will also share some practical tips and strategies to help us improve our moral reasoning and judgment.
Our moral compass is not fixed or static. It is dynamic and evolving. It can be challenged, changed, or reinforced by our experiences and interactions. It can also be a source of inspiration, motivation, and guidance for our actions and choices. By understanding and cultivating our moral compass, we can enhance our personal and social well-being, as well as contribute to the common good of humanity.

The statement “Our Moral Compass Shapes Our Interactions” encapsulates the idea that our ethical principles and values are crucial in influencing how we engage with others. Essentially, it suggests that the internal guide of our moral compass, which comprises our beliefs about right and wrong, dictates the choices we make and how we interact with individuals and the world around us. This perspective implies that ethical considerations are a fundamental framework for our behaviour, impacting our decisions, relationships, and overall societal interactions. In essence, the statement underscores the profound impact of morality on shaping the dynamics of human engagement.

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