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The Value of time (Waqt ki ahmiyat)

The importance of time in Ramadhan

Mirza Abbas Ali KhoyeeThe speaker, Dr Mirza Abbas Ali Khoyee (Andhra Pradesh, India) is a lecturer, marketing specialist, and runs a YouTube channel.

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Time Management: I seek refuge in Allah from the devil, the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, in the name of Allah, the angels, and peace be upon the Prophet, and the believers, peace and blessings be upon him.

I come to you with a lesson, a small lesson of 7-8 minutes. Be sure to pass it on, because it is possible that due to your propagation, there will be a change in the life of a young person or a child, and you will also be an equal participant in it.

Ramadan is the best month. It is the month of prayers, it is the month of worship and it is the month of Allah. Allah wants us to take full advantage of this Holy Month. Remember my brothers and sisters, the value of time is immense. There was once a teacher who had many students, one of these students was rather lazy, whenever he was given a task, he would say that he will do it tomorrow. That is, postpone to tomorrow. And as we all know, tomorrow never comes. So, one day the teacher thought to make him feel the value of time somehow. He told him that he was going somewhere out of town. Looking at the disciple, he said ‘Now look, my son, I am going on a journey and I will return tomorrow. Now you have twenty-four hours in your hands. This is a black stone that I have that I am going to be leaving with you. Since you always dream of becoming rich, this is your chance‘, said the master. Then handing over the stone to him, he instructed him that the black stone was such that upon rubbing the iron, the iron will turn into gold.

Now the student was very happy. The teacher reminded him ‘Remember, you have only 24 hours of time and then when I come back tomorrow, I will not give you this stone again, I will take it back, smiling he left.

After the teacher left, the student thought to himself that since the teacher would be returning the next day, he had ample time, so he decided to take a nap. His procrastination turned daylight the into evening, and then it would be night soon. At this point, he thought where could he get so much iron at that hour?

Calming and reassuring himself, he promised he would go to a metal scrap shop the next day in the market since it was already dark. Now, the result was that he woke up late in the morning and said, “Why is the sun shining on me?” , meaning that he was wondering if it was still too early to head out. Therefore, he thought of having breakfast first. ‘After having breakfast, I thought that I will go to the market to get the scrap metal‘, he mused. Butt then it was sunny, so he decided to rest for a while, unfortunately falling into deep sleep.

When he woke up, he woke up when the sun had set. As he was coming out of the house to go to the market, he saw that the teacher was standing in front of him, saying that he had returned from his trip.

The student pleaded that he should be given a chance – just one hour and he would be done so that he could turn the acquired metal into gold as much as he wanted. The master said, ‘No, you don’t have time now‘. He asked for the black stone.

Now the student started crying. The teacher told him that nothing could be done now, so do not cry in front of me.

This happens every day when we hear from a scholar that this is the reward of a pilgrimage, or to recite Ziyaarate Aashura. . When we hear about the importance of night prayer, we think that we will start from tomorrow and brothers and sisters, tomorrow never comes in life, whatever you have to do, do it today and this month of Ramadan also we have 24 hours in theory.

Yes, we have 30 days and in these 30 days, let us take advantage of it as much as we can. Remember, the prayer we perform at home is 10 times more than going to the mosque and praying with the congregation during Ramadan. Yes, there are many of us who do not even go to the mosque and pray, so my brothers, do not miss this holy hour, spend it in worship as much as you can, because this is the month in which Satan has been blocked from dissuading us. We are made a leader of our own choices and we are also told to control the self. In the same way, we observe fast. Fasting is something that helps us control the self through hunger and thirst, and when the self comes under control, we do not follow our whims.

What God wills and as long as the self is not under control then we become under the power of the self then we do what the self wants. In Ramadan, however, a person commits a sin. what does it mean? This means that the thing that seduced Satan is called the self. We need to control it. If the self is under our control, then the best will be done by us and the worship will come in the best way. And fasting in the best way, fasting is not only for the stomach, but it is also for the eyes, it is also for the ears, it is also for the tongue, it is also for the heart, it is also for the intentions, the intentions are also supposed to be good because The Lord of the Worlds created two angels, who record our intentions. They are then commanded to write in their destiny what we thoughts we are shaping. They observe what an individual thinks, and make his destiny as he thinks. If a person has good thoughts, destiny becomes good and if you have evil thoughts, you will become bad.

If you want to create your destiny, then think well. If you want to be the best person, then control yourself and keep fasting in a state of completeness. It is not that we are only hungry from the stomach, but our intentions, our eyes are bad, our hearts are bad, and our tongue is bad.

So let us pray for the honourable month, may the Lord of the world grant us the opportunity to spend this Holy Ramadan in the best way, and let us do what He wants. Lord, not what we want.

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