The Tyrant and a Martyr – Part 2

The writer, Abdulhussein Tejani (Dubai, UAE) is a Change Architect in Leadership and HR and has been involved in many capacities in the community and through pro bono work with youths.

Self-versus Self: In a world filled with how we are compared to others, we have lost our sense of self-identity. We exist by virtue of how we see ourselves versus another. We are no longer comfortable in our skin. Nor are we comfortable with taking a stand even if we are in the minority. This is what I mean by paying lip-service to Kerbala! We are scared to be in the minority lest we get frozen out or ostracized. People who have succeeded in the world have dared to be different and were courageous enough to stand for what they believed in. The big picture is that on the day of judgement, we are going to stand by ourselves to face the fate of our worldly deeds and yet we seek acceptance just so that we may fit in and be cool. Where is the element of self-love that should permeate in our every pore that allows us to ascend into humbleness and attainment of needlessness!

So, what is a win-win scenario that we gain from Kerbala!

Is it acquiescing? Is it self-sacrifice? Is it fulfilling a legacy?

Instead of trying to win every battle, think what can I do to make the world a better place. Is a tissue paper, a foot massage, a tangerine, a makeshift tent to provide shade or something as precious as water too small an offering for one who walking to Kerbala. Our sense of grandeur leads us to believe that we have to do it all. And yet Allah very clearly tells us to take the first step and He will do the rest.

Karbala doesn’t end with Muharram but it is an unending process that has always prompted us to rise to every tyrannical aspect out there. Sometimes that tyrant is within us. This battle against falsehood will never fade as Iman Hussain (as) didn’t announce its end. Instead, He pleaded if there was anyone who would continue to carry out his revolution.

Life is not meant to be easy. It is a challenge and some days are tougher than others. With every challenge, we gain the opportunity to grow stronger. We can continuously improve of what we are capable of achieving. Instead of allowing a challenge to bring us down, keep pushing forward. Turn each challenge into a lesson that makes you stronger & stronger. Do something every day that scares you & that’s the way to challenge yourself every day & each challenge is opportunity to grow stronger.

Every step forward on the right part is to walk the walk of Imam Hussein (as). Are we courageous to walk this walk? Remember in every one of us lives a Hussein. Let us Unleash the Hussein in us.

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