The Science Behind Zamzam Water

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Religiously, Zamzam water holds a significant place for Muslims. Muslims drink this holy water, based in Mecca, and millions of pilgrims take it to their home countries as it is a cure to many diseases. One of the miracles of Zamzam water is that it doesn’t dry up in the hot and dry desert of Mecca. In fact, the very appearance of the Zamzam well led to the very foundation of the settlement of the Mecca valley.

This article will review the mineral composition and potential health benefits of Zamzam water – it is highly different from natural water in terms of minerals and radiological features, and shows the potential to cure numerous diseases.

Properties of Zamzam Water

No Biological Growth 

The well of Zamzam is very old – dating back to when the wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Hajar, was desperately looking for a source of water with her son Ismail. Despite the fact that the Zamzam well is incredibly old, no biological growth such as algal blooms or fungal particles is present in it, which is a unique property of this holy water.

Presence of Minerals

The variety of minerals that one drop of Zamzam water contains cannot be found in a drop of water from anywhere else on earth – making the waters from the Zamzam well not only holy but incredibly unique and healthy as well.

Purity of Zamzam Water

The quality of Zamzam water and its purity can’t be changed even after passing it through a number of chemicals and trying to alter its composition. The purity of Zamzam water is therefore not only highly beneficial to the human body, but a miracle as well. 

Composition of Zamzam Water

There are 34 known elements in Zamzam water, with calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl) in higher concentration than natural water. Element antimony (Sb), beryllium (Be), bismuth (Bi), bromine (Br), cobalt (Co), iodine (I), and molybdenum (Mo) were less than 0.01ppm. Traces of chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn), and titanium (Ti) were also noticed in Zamzam water.

A hydrochemical study of Zamzam water also interestingly designated that it is sodium chloride water of meteoritic origin. Another miracle was that the quantity of four harmful elements, arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and selenium (Se), was below the risk level for human drinking – meaning that despite having what is normally considered harmful elements in the water, Zamzam is still miraculously safe and healthy for us to drink. The high levels of Calcium in Zamzam water also makes it better for human consumption.

Role in the Human Body

Aquaporin Stimulation

Aquaporins, also called water channels, are pores in the membrane of biological cells, mainly facilitating the transport of water between cells. Zamzam water has the capability of stimulating aquaporins and thus enhances the regulation of water between cells – making it incredibly healthy for us to drink.

Protection Against Diseases

Zamzam water delivers protection against several diseases, such as inherited cataracts, nephrogenic problems, and diabetes to just name a few.

Stimulation Of Reproductive Systems

Zamzam water causes the upregulation of gap junctional intercellular messages and connexin 43 antibodies in the endometrium. In addition, Zamzam also stimulates the development of implantation windows through the stimulus of Aquaporins because it has high contents of fluorides, contributing to its solid antimicrobial action. Zamzam water, therefore, acts as an antioxidant as it stimulates endometrial nitric oxide (NO).

Anti-Tumor Benefits

Zamzam water has unique oncolytic possessions and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Because of this, Zamzam water has a strong antitumor necrosis factor (TNF?) and an effect on interleukin I (IL1). Zamzam water has an oncolytic action effect through an unintended influence on endocrine immunology and the growth system of the body – another reason why this water is so beneficial to us.

On behalf of all these properties, there is no doubt Zamzam water is a gift from Allah to us – as it has all the properties that normal water doesn’t contain. It has the ability to fight against many diseases and also contribute to maintaining the health system of our body.

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” [Quran, 13:55].

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