The Importance of Sports

By Muhammadjawad Dhalla (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

I  am going to talk about the importance in sports. First of all what are sports? Sports includes any competitive physical activity or games through casual or organized participation. It’s aim is to provide skills and physical ability to children.

And it also provides enjoyment to the people. Usually the game or sport is between two sides. They give out the winner of the sports and they also motivate people from working hard and winning the sports.

Sports is important especially to children because children need to be very active all day. That is why some schools make children do exercises before starting lessons. It stimulates growth and leads to improved emotional and physical health. For example,  researchers have discovered that physical children have less chances to get high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. There are many different types of sports that include the physical body, these are : The main one is football/soccer, and I have to say this,  the best team is Man United, others are cricket,  table tennis, hockey, water polo and even Martial arts are included as a physical activity.

Sports have many effects in our daily life and it effects everyone especially children because children because they are still at their growing stage. Some good effects of sports are : Children who participate in sports have good health benefits like what I have mentioned above. Children who participate in sports have positive effects on their mental health and help and relieve depression. And also those who participate in sports get better grades in school and develop social skills.  So those of us here who don’t get good grades, I advise them to play sports.

Different kinds of sports are played on their own fields. For example,  for football you have a football pitch/ground, tennis you have the tennis court and many more.

Sports are played in many kind of ways, you can either your hands or your legs.  Example,  in football you have to use only your legs, that is why it is called FOOTball. I like using football as an example because most of us know about football. Another example is cricket. You have to use only your hands because you either bat or throw the ball.

The most played sport nobody can refuse this because even if you ask a small child about this they could say football. It was estimated that around 265 million play this sport. I won’t be surprised if you are surprised right now. The second one is Badminton. It is very nice and fun games to play.

The conclusion is that sports is very important to everyone in our daily lives and we have to play sports and it has many advantages. If we want to live long in this life than we have to play sports. HAVE A GOOD SPORTY DAY… !!!

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