Tarbiat e Aulud – Dua e Tasbihat (video, Urdu)

The speaker, Dr Mirza Abbas Ali Khoyee (Andhra Pradesh, India) is an lecturer, marketing specialist, and runs a YouTube channel.

(10 minutes)

This session of Tarbiat e Aulad talks about the Tasbihat e Arba which we recite in salat daily, and the beautiful meaning of it. He talks about a hadith that says that if a person recites Tasbihat e Arba 30 times after salat, then his sins will be forgiven, and many other such important hadith related to this simple recitation.

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About the author

Maulana has 5 years of teaching experience and 21 years of marketing experience in managerial positions in different parts of the world. He is well known for his YouTube channel and the series Tarbiat e Aulad. His channel showcases 107 short lectures on for children and many majalis recited in different countries.

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