Sura Baqarah– Gujarati Tafsir (Verses 83 – 86)

36 minutes. Every book has its objectives. The objective of the Quran is to make man aware of the Creation plan of Allah swt. It is to tell man why God created this world? What is the purpose of settling him/her on earth? What is required of him prior to his/her death? What is going to confront him/her after death?
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About the author

Dr. Sibtain Panjwani is a Dental Surgeon by Profession with a special interest in Medical Law and Ethics having obtained an MA from King’s College London and a PhD in Law at the University of Essex.

He regularly gives lectures at various institutes and takes interest in writing articles and conference papers on subjects ranging from law and religion to ethics and community affairs.

He held the position of the Secretary General of The World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities from 1996 – 2003.

The Awakening Project was created by Dr. Sibtain Panjwani, a project that seeks participation and reform from community members themselves – madrasah teachers, professionals, volunteers, scholars, laymen and laywomen, youths, the elderly and all those interested in meeting current and future social, spiritual, ethical and cultural challenges.

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