Sabira Roshanali Mulani

Sabira Roshanali Mulani

In Loving Memory…

It is with deep reverence and loving remembrance that we pay tribute to Sabira, who left this world for her eternal journey on 19th October 1987, exactly 30 years ago. Though the years may have passed, her memory remains vivid and cherished in the hearts of all who knew her.

Sabira was born on 11 Feb 1953 and led a life that touched the lives of countless individuals. She was a person of unwavering grace, compassion, and wisdom. Her memory lives on as a testament to the enduring impact of her presence in our lives.

As a mother, Sabira was a paragon of love and devotion. She raised her children with tenderness and dedication, imparting to them the values of kindness, resilience, and empathy that would shape their lives. Her legacy lives on through her children and their families.

Sabira’s influence extended far beyond her family. She was an active member of her community, known for her acts of generosity and her willingness to support those in need. Her contributions towards reciting at the mosque and never missed attending majlis left an indelible mark.

In her leisure time, Sabira enjoyed stitching on her very own PFAFF sewing machine which brought her immense joy and allowed her to connect with others who shared her passions.

As we commemorate the 30th anniversary of her passing, we remember Sabira’s enduring spirit and the love she spread throughout her lifetime. Her legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of knowing her.

While she may no longer be with us in person, her memory remains eternally alive. We take solace in knowing that she continues to watch over us from a place of eternal peace and serenity.

With deep gratitude for our time with her, we honour Sabira’s memory and her lasting impact on our lives. May her soul rest in eternal peace, and may her legacy continue to inspire us all.


In loving memory of Marhuma Sabira D/O Late Bachoo Suleman Shivji and W/O Late Roshanali Mulani, who departed from us when I was just 8 years old.

Though my memories are few, her love and warmth continue to inspire me. She was a caring mother, always ready with a comforting hug and a loving smile.Her kindness touched everyone she met. Our dearest mom will forever remain in our hearts, a guiding light in our lives. May she find eternal peace.

Written With Love By Sajjad & Fatma


May Allah SWT repose the departed soul in the abundance of His mercy and rest her amongst the chosen ones – Ameen. We request our readers to remember marhum and all the Marhumeen with Sura-e-Fateha.


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