Ramadan – Boot Camp for the Soul

Ramadan – Boot Camp for the Soul

Hasnain-Walji Dr. Hasnain Gulamali Walji is a recognized thought leader specializing in the intersection of technology, AI, and human behaviour. He serves as the President of Integrative Quest, developing e-learning products for the financial and healthcare sectors. With over 26 books on nutrition and natural medicine, his expertise is well-regarded in the field.

He is the Executive Director of the United Global Initiative, an international NGO committed to women’s empowerment and social justice. Its flagship program, CodeGirls, encourages girls from marginalized societies to join the tech sector. He also holds directorial positions with the Jaffer Family Foundation, the Oasis Center for Intellectual Development, and the Karbala Center for Humanity, and contributes to Harvard Divinity School’s ‘Ashura At Harvard’ study track.

With over four decades of service to the Muslim community, Dr Walji’s commitments include active roles on boards such as the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, American Muslim Health Professionals, National Muslim Catholic Dialogue, and the Interfaith Peace Ministry of Orange County, among others. As an oral historian, he produced the documentary “The Khojas – A Journey of Faith,” tracing his community’s heritage over seven centuries.
In his golden years, Dr Walji continues to dedicate himself to research, education, and social justice activism, driven by a vision to create a better world for his seven grandchildren. Digital Media marketing as well as Education.

“O heart, you will be God’s guest and worthy of heavenly sustenance when you fast. You will shut the gate to hellfire during this month and you will open a thousand doors to Paradise.”

Ghazal 2672*


s we embrace Shahr Ramadan, a sacred time that beckons us to feast on the divine let’s reflect on these words of Rumi, whose wisdom illuminates our path. Ramadan is not just about skipping meals; it’s about feasting on the divine. So, let’s step up, embrace the hunger, and get ready for a soulful adventure.

Picture this: by fasting, we’re turning off the noise of our daily grind and tuning into a sacred frequency. Our hearts, pure and open, are set to receive a different kind of nourishment that comes straight from the heavens. This is our moment to “shut the gates to hellfire” and say “no” to the low vibes that drag us down and “yes” to a “thousand doors”  leading us to better versions of ourselves. Imagine every act of self-control, each opening a door to peace, wisdom, and a deeper connection with the Divine. This is what Rumi invites us to do—transform every temptation into a stepping stone towards the Almighty.

And remember, the journey doesn’t end when the last day of Ramadan fades. No, it’s just getting started. We’re called to carry this spirit with us, infusing our everyday lives with that same sacred intention. Every choice, every breath, an opportunity to live in that divine light.

Let’s carry this sacred challenge beyond the crescent moon of Ramadan. We’re embarking on a journey that stretches into every corner of our lives, asking us to live out the lessons learned during this holy month. Let the fast be a catalyst, transforming us into vessels of light and love, ready to pour out generosity and kindness in a world thirsty for it.

With the conclusion of Ramadan, don’t let the spirit of this time slip away like sand through your fingers. Cling to it, let it shape you, let it move you to actions that resonate with the vibrations of the divine. Every act of goodness, every sincere prayer, every loving gesture should be an image  in the montage we’re creating—a life that’s a masterpiece of spiritual artistry.

In essence, this is a call to perpetual action, a lifelong fast from negativity and pettiness, a dedication to the virtues that Ramadan elevates—patience, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to spiritual growth.

An Opening Act – Not the whole show

So, here’s the deal: Ramadan is like the opening act, not the whole show. It’s like we’ve been in training, getting our hearts in shape, and when the moon bids us goodbye, we don’t just hang up our gear and call it a season. No way. We take all that good stuff—patience, love, self-control—and we make it our new normal.

Think of Ramadan as boot camp for the soul. We’ve been doing these heavy lifting exercises like fasting, praying, and giving, getting stronger in all the best ways. And sure, boot camp ends, but the strength we’ve gained? That’s ours to keep. It’s time to take that strength to the streets, to flex it in the real world.

As the crescent fades, we’re not just walking away with a spiritual high; we’re carrying a torch lit by those long days of discipline and reflection. We’re glowing, and it’s not just from the lack of lunch. We’ve tapped into something brighter, and now every little thing we do can be a beam of that light.

Let’s keep that Ramadan vibe rolling. When we feel like snapping, let’s find that Ramadan patience. When we see someone in need, let’s dish out that Ramadan generosity. And when the world feels dark and heavy, let’s shine with that Ramadan kindness. We’ve been stocking up on all this good energy, and it’s time to spread it around like confetti.

So as the moon wanes, don’t just pack up that spirit with the prayer mats. Wear it, flaunt it, live it out loud. Every good thing you do, let it be a splash of colour in this big, beautiful artwork we’re all creating together. Because life is a canvas, and that Ramadan spirit is our palette. Let’s make it a masterpiece this Ramadan.

* https://ganjoor.net/moulavi/shams/ghazalsh/sh2672

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