Path to Allah

Quran and its guidance to Mankind and the path to Allah

Khalil-ChampsiThe writer, Al-Hajj Khalil Champsi (Toronto, Canada) is a professional engineer, PMP certified, and a community volunteer.

Path to Allah


urah al-Shura – Verses 52 – 53

  1. And thus We have sent to you a Revelation of Our Command [the Holy Qur’an]. You knew not what the Book is, nor what the faith. But We have made it [the Qur’an] a Light wherewith We guide whosoever of Our slaves We will. And verily, you [O Muhammad] are indeed guiding [people] to the Straight Path.
  2. The Path of Allah to Whom belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. Verily, all matters in the end go to Allah.

Some also hold that it refers to the Holy Qur’an. The last interpretation seems to be preferable. The spirit is the essence of life and the Holy Qur’an is the secret of man’s spiritual life.

In the same manner that a body without a spirit disintegrates and decays, a society without The Book, the Holy Qur’an, is unimaginable and in the same manner that a spirit never becomes old and useless, so is the Holy Qur’an that will defy the passage of time.

Since He is the Possessor and the Organiser of the world of existence and because all human plans toward perfection are to be accepted by this Great Organizer, the Straight Path is the only Path leading toward Him and any other path besides this one leads to error and falsehood.

Is there any Truth other than His Pure Essence in the world of existence? It is worthy of note that the sentence bears a glad tiding to the God-fearing and a warning to wrong-doers and sinners who shall all return unto God Almighty.

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