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Prophet Yusuf and his Brothers (Part 2) – Children’s Treasures

Prophet Yusuf

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

Hazrat Yusuf was very excited as he went along with his Brothers. At first they treated him like a king and were kind and loving. They carried him on their shoulders and started showing him different scenarios until they reached the outskirts of the city or town.

He felt happy and thrilled
As they passed by and saw their own animals in the field
Yusuf did not realize what was on their mind
Towards him they were loving and kind
They carried him on their shoulders like a King
He felt his heart with joy sing!

Suddenly when they had reached further away the brother who carried him threw him down ruthlessly! The others laughed and then started pinching him and kicking him. The brothers attacked on all sides and Hazrat Yusuf was astonished and said, “what happened? Was I too heavy? I am sorry!” Instead of softening their heart, towards his kindness and selflessness, it  made the fire of jealousy and
hatred in their hurt burn more fiercely.

They started beating him more and calling him all the spiteful names they could think of. They said more unkind words then things like, “goody two shoes!” “self righteous!” “baby!” “holier then thou!”. Little Yusuf could still not believe it when he saw the hatred and jealousy showing clearly on their faces. He felt very sad because he loved them, and sadder still at their fate.

The brother who carried him suddenly threw Yusuf down
This was when they were far away from their city or town
They beat him up and with spiteful words they mocked
When he saw this change in their attitude, Yusuf was hurt and shocked
Then he saw their hatred and jealousy unveiled and clear
The little boy felt in his heart a flutter of real fear

The little Yusuf kept asking his brothers, “why are you beating me up? What did I do? I am sorry if I hurt you!”but as they went on hurting him, he realized that it was jealousy that was eating them up.

Between tears and in pain, he said, “I love you my brothers!” then he looked up at another and said, “ don’t do this sin! Please do istegfaar as you are the sons of a Prophet and Allah (swt) will not like what you are doing!” they continued beating him, as he cried and pleaded with them. Jealousy had blinded them and they paid no heed. Hazrat yusuf was almost fainting due to the pain of the bruises they had
inflicted upon him, and they could have killed him, accept that one of them said, that it would be better if they threw him in a well.

Yusuf heard this and was scared, “please don’t throw me down the well!” he said. “ I Love you all! It’s ok I forgive you! Please take me back to my Father and I will not complain to him!” his words fell to deaf ears, and they carried him towards a well which had salty water, and due to that reason, they knew nobody ever came towards it.

Carrying him viciously they came towards the well and said
We wont kill him but we shall throw him in here instead
He cried and pleaded with them
But they were mean and had not an ounce of shame
All he felt for them was love and regret
All they felt for him was jealousy and hate
They chose a salty well because they knew
Not many came for water there its true

Well do you want to know what happened next? Then you shall have to read the next Mujtaba Issue. I cant wait for the continuation of the story can you? Let’s see how much you have learnt from this part shall we?

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