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Sadiq Muraj (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Alhamdulillah we have got gems & pearls in our community; the professionals, the business-minded people, and the entrepreneurs (the creative) people in gents, ladies & children. If all of  us decide to give only 1 hour per week for our community, we will have 635 hours a week for our Community according to our registered members

Now, the question is how each and every one of us can contribute to our community?

As it is said in Gujarati:

TAN (Physically)

Man (with willing heart)

DHAN (By Finance)

Also it is said in Farsi:

DAAME (Physically)

DIRHAME (by Finance)

SUKHANE (Verbally)

People who have got bounties of Wealth can help with Finance, the people with physical energy can help physically, others with their Precious time, Writing, giving suggestions, and Ideas. Professionals with their Skills, Business-minded with their experience and Contacts & many other ways.

I myself who am a full-time Carer of my wife & can rarely attend our Jamaat Programs due to my Caring duty, but I don’t think I am exempted from my responsibilities towards our Community. So I am writing Articles, to spread Awareness & Invite all our Community members towards Community Work.

In the Ziyarat of Aba-Abdillah(a.s.) we say YA LAYTANI KUNTU MA’KUM FA’FUZO FAWZAN AZIMAH. Kaash we were there in the plains of Karbala on the day of Ashura, we would help you our Imam. But there is a voice still being heard in the environment. HAL MIN NAASIRIN YANSURNA, HAL MIN MUGHISIN YUGHISUNA, Is there anyone who can help me in this tough time. Our Imam called us for help on the day of Ashura, but his calling was not limited for that time and that land but every day, every era & every place.

Every day is Ashura and every Land is Karbala.

In my previous article I have mentioned about INVESTING IN PEOPLE.

Being in the Information Age & Technology Era, every day a new thing or system is being introduced for learning and getting updated with the current technology world. The Professionals, Businessmen and the Creative people have to adopt the lifelong learning system to be in the market and the time for the skills needed.

So, I humbly request our Community Authorities to establish an INVESTING IN PEOPLE FORUM where our community members can get useful courses to learn to polish their skills. Many online courses are available which can be learned from home at our own time & pace. We should also register our form in Birmingham City Council, so we can get fully funded courses, discount rate on other courses and support to get needed tools like Computers, Laptops and other facilities which are needed. So people can learn more and polish their Skills at their own time & pace. Our Community members should also contribute towards this Funding.

We are always asking a question that “What are we getting from our Community?” But we never ask ourselves that “what are we giving to our community?”

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