Murtaza Muhammad Merali 1943-2020

Marhum Murtaza Muhammad Merali

Marhum Murtaza Muhammad Merali


Obituary by Sausan Merali-Salehmohamed

Murtaza Muhammad Merali is a name that is recalled by most, as a man of Principle. Many recall how he served the community in many capacities from Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, New York, New Jersey, and finally in Orlando. But this unwavering belief in Haqq, Righteousness and Principle was his driving force in life as a father, husband, grandfather, teacher, lecturer, and avid community volunteer.

As a teacher by profession, his conviction for Haqq and Principle was always front and centre. He was a steadfast lover of the Ahlulbayt (AS) which could be seen through his inspiring recitations of du’as and lectures, especially on Islamic History. He left his family and the community with a legacy of attaining knowledge, evidenced by how he keenly read and collected Islamic books throughout his life.

When we lost my father, we did not just lose a loved one in our family but it felt like a true loss to the community at large. A loss of history and wisdom and a generation that is leaving us slowly. His is a story like many others who travelled from the lands of Zanzibar and Tanzania and migrated to the West to create a new life with his family. However, the tremendous conviction of faith in Shia Islam as a Khoja Ithnasheri never wavered and in fact, was adapted and reborn into the culture wherever he went. This is truly the deeper lesson for our generation and a testament to the steadfast belief and perseverance of our parents and the legacy they leave us with. May Allah reward him for all his efforts and we pray that we can inculcate the values he shared with us into our lives and the lives of our children. Please remember Marhum Murtaza Muhammad Merali with AL-FATEHA.

May Allah SWT repose the departed soul in the abundance of His mercy and rest him amongst the chosen ones – Ameen. We request our readers to remember marhum and all the Marhumeen with Sura-e-Fateha.

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