Mohamedtaki Fazal Virani

Marhum Mohamedtaki Fazal Virani

Marhum Mohamedtaki Fazal Virani


Born in Luatala, Chiungutwa, Masasi on 17th October 1943 to Marhum Fazal Remtullah Virani and Marhuma Sakina Fazal Virani, Marhum Mohamedtaki lived a life marked by quiet integrity and a commitment to his community. He was known for his straightforward nature and dedication to duty, exemplified by his service as a Trustee at KSIJ alongside his close friend and colleague, Anverali Rajabali Dharamsi.

Married to Nazneen Hussein Nazarali, Marhum was a father to Sameer, Shabbar, Ali, Sakina, Hasnein, Abbas Ali and Fatema. Also adopted Aliasger.

In his early days at Lindi, he was a teacher in Chemistry.

Beyond his official responsibilities, Mohamedtaki possessed a profound kindness that touched the lives of many. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, offering support and assistance without hesitation. He took an active interest and part in the early days of the formation of WIPAHS – an organisation that later on went on to become a leading Charity aiding low-income families through education, medical support and vocational training.

In the early 1980s, Marhum played volleyball for the Jaffery Sports Club of Dar es Salaam.

For those who knew him personally, memories of Marhum might evoke his vibrant participation in the Motor Rally, a testament to his adventurous spirit and love for life. He partnered regularly in winning ways with his dependable navigator Akhtar Shaukatali Nayani.  In the late 1980s, Marhum was accredited by the Marlboro Safari Rally in Kenya.  Yet, it was his quieter moments, filled with acts of kindness and unwavering support, that truly defined him.

Remembering Marhum in his way, Mohamedtaki Esmail writes: “Marhum Mohamedtaki Virani was much older than me, our interaction was a few years we were appointed TRUSTEES of KSIJ under the chairmanship of Anverbhai Dharamsi, who was his very long time business partner and friend.

He was straightforward in life, and was also prompt on duty as a Trustee. Jovial in nature and ready to assist the less fortunate in life, in any way he could. I recall truly by heart reciting the words ALLAHUMMA LA NA’ALAMU MINHU ILLA KHAIRA” at his funeral and reciting a sura Al Fateha every time I pass by his resting place, which happens to be almost next to my late father’s place of resting.

May Allah raise his status.”

Marhum Mohamedtaki Virani leaves behind a loving family, including his children, grandchildren, and extended family members. He will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.



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