Barkatali Mohamedali Dinani

Marhum Barkatali Mohamedali Dinani


Extracted from Daily News Tanzania

Marhum Barkatali Mohamedali Dinani was born at Peramiho Mission Hospital on 25th June 1946. The hospital then was a simple thatched hut which provided essential medical services.

Barkatali was the second child and first in a family of five children. He got his Primary education in Songea and completed his Senior Cambridge in Lindi in 1963. When he was ten years old, his father died.

At school he was an active sportsman, playing quite a number of games but excelling in cricket. His
passion for games continued to grow during his business career and he became an active member and
treasurer of Maji Maji Sports Club which reached its climax in 1986 when it grabbed the Tanzanian National Championship.

In 1965, he started his business career in Songea as a shopkeeper. A year later he joined his uncle’s
quarry business in Dar es Salaam. Then in 1968, he returned to Songea and began a transport
business. He soared in this business from the experience and wisdom of his uncle Haiderali Ladha Dinani, the pioneer and father of the whole business complex of which he later became Managing Director.

Late Barkatali got married in 1975 in Songea to Parvin Alihussein Nasser, and upon his demise, he left behind four children, the eldest of them Gulbanu Dinani-Suleman (12 years at the time), Mustafa Dinani, Masuma Dinani-Doshi and Fatema Dinani-Murji. He died at the same age his father died in 1955 when his elder sister was only 12 years of age. He was slim in build and his stamina was fantastic. He used to play in a central position in volleyball for two continuous hours. He was actively involved in the game when he got a heart attack on 2nd September 1988, ultimately heeding his Lord’s call on 10th September.

By nature, he was compassionate, sympathetic, and considerate. This quality won him a lot of friends. He
was always eager to support morally and materially everybody who approached him.
A dynamic and aggressive businessman, he was gifted with insight into human behaviour. This abil]ity
often saved him from falling prey to hypocrites and cheats. This quality also helped him pick friends from
among his workers and extend opportunities to them for progress. Quite a number of his co-w]orkers
owe their career to him. Besides being patient, compassionate and a daring businessman he was quick
and sharp in decision-making, which brought many gains to the company and put him in a better position in the business sphere. He was fast in eradicating shortages of consumer goods, especially essential commodities. He often put general trucks at work and provided the market with goods in short supply to benefit even the consumers in remote corners of the Ruvuma Region.

A few years before his demise, the late Barkatali built a big mosque for our Muslim brothers, handing it over thereafter.  The opening of this mosque was done by the former President of Tanzania H E Ali Hassan Mwinyi after Marhum had passed away.

Marhum Barkatali Mohamedali Dinani also treated his workers with sympathy, compassion and consideration. This won him their devotion and love making him confident in business and transport undertakings. Almost all the senior workers in the company are the same who joined him at the beginning of his career.

May Allah SWT repose the departed soul in the abundance of His mercy and rest him amongst the chosen ones – Ameen. We request our readers to remember marhum and all the Marhumeen with Sura-e-Fateha.

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