Akil Ramzanali Meghji 1965-2019

Marhum Akil Ramzanali Meghji


At the age of 54 , a zakire Husayn, Mulla Akil  Meghji, who engaged in marsia khaani , azaadari,prominently participated in Qur’an Khaani and AFED Competitions, departed for the next world in the state of writing Majalis.

Mulla  had been part of Kigoma Jamaat from 1980 – 1991 , a place where he had completed both his primary and secondary education. Those 11 years were dedicated by the Marhum to his dear Jamaat before he moved to serve Dar es salaam Jamaat . The Dar es salaam  community will certainly remember Marhum for his continuous contributions  like reciting majalis /marsia /Maatam  in mosques  and all mehfils in Dar es Salaam. He was also intived to Burundi Jamaat, Mozambique Jamaat, Zanzibar Jamaat and many more to recite majlis in the Holy Month of Muharram, his last invitation was with Dodoma Jamaat .

Despite being physically challenged  he was always present in Azadari Husayn, be it  anywhere and anytime.  Whether he was invited or not .

The compilation of Noor-e-irfaan is one of those acts that shall raise his standards as thawaab-e-Jaariya for the 13 volumes that he published. His tireless efforts has left light to many lives . Mulla’s voice will always stay in our hearts in the form of the  recorded Nauha / Marsia CDs that he got recorded on his visit to Pakistan .

We pray to the almighty to elevate his status amongst the chosen ones and accept his efforts and contributions made by him for his love for Ahlulbayt (AS), Ameen

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