Akberali AbdulHussein Shabanali

Marhum Akbarali Abdulhussein Shabanali


Marhum Akbarali Abdulhussein Shabanali was born in Lindi, Tanzania on 17th June 1944. Both he and his brother sadly lost their mother at a very young age.

After finishing secondary school in Lindi, he migrated to Dar es Salaam where he pursued further education in various fields and opted for Accountancy as a Career.

It is in Dar es Salaam where he met his wife Amina Shabanali and had their four children.

He has served in the Husseini Madressa.

He was always encouraging his children to study and be independent and also reminding ‘honesty is the best policy’, it in no wonder that they used to compare his honesty to the Swiss Bank.

He loved reading and had a small library of books which were later donated to various institutions as per his will.

His love of reading was evident by the wide variety of book collection he had, one of his favourite magazines was the  gujarati publication Rahenajat.

He loved nature, as has planted many trees. He always used to advice about natural remedies and compiled a book about it too which is now published.

He would advice his children to be courageous and have trust in Allah “himmat naharnu ane Allah mathe bharoso rakhnu” he would lovingly advice.

One of his parting advice was to remember to recite auzubillah, bismilla and salawat whenever starting any work or leaving the house as well as to place trust of all affairs in God as He is Sufficient in every affair.

He recommended reciting the Fajr Dua which emphasizes this point and to always try pray congregational prayers in the mosque.

He sadly passed away on 13th August 2017, leaving a legacy of trust, honesty and helping others.

Please remember Marhum with a good thought, a good deed and a Sura Al Fateha

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji ‘ un.
Verily, from Allah we came and to him we return

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