Abdulhamid Najafali Dhala

Marhum Abdulhamid Najafali Dhala


Abdulhamid Najafali Dhala: Famously known as Abdul of Jess Opticians, Marhum drew people towards him with his light-hearted wit and soft demeanor. Long after his passing, people still recall that quick shot of freshly brewed ‘kahawa’ (black coffee) which was always available at his shop whether you intended to make a purchase of glasses or not.

Someone made an apt comment about him saying he was a man of few words, who preferred to remain low-key but had a very high impact. This was realized upon his death when so many people he had silently helped throughout his life, showed up to express their grief. Among them, many were the locals who he always had a soft spot for and treated humanely. From his askaris to employees to house workers felt a huge vacuum with his passing and took it upon themselves to reciprocate the consideration he showed for them in his lifetime.

Among the humble services he rendered to the community were: supporting local charities, and offering his expertise at the eye camps organized by the Bilal Muslim Mission in rural areas and remote villages as well as the Golden Crescent Group.

Marhum Abdulhamid Najafali Dhala had a passion for travel, watching live cricket matches on the ground even if it meant traveling to places, and hours of scrabble games, and was an avid jet skier enjoying his time in the ocean in any and every destination possible.

Among the special memories his family remembers him for, a legacy he leaves behind, is never failing to recite a page from the Holy Quran with meaning every morning. He is also remembered for doing any act of kindness without expecting anything in return and one of his favorite lines: “Live and Let Live!”

Sura Al Fateha is requested

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