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Living your best – Part Two

Asgar-DhanjiThe writer, Asgar Jafferali Dhanji (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) served as the Secretary-General of the Africa Federation for two – 3-years terms.  He served as JIBA Vice Chairman – with a particular passion to raise funds and offer Micro Finance to our Community – for low-income, underprivileged, startups, Business loans, individuals, and small enterprises — thereby giving opportunities to grow economically.  He is the founder of Imaan Finance Ltd — the First Islamic Finance Institution in Tanzania.  and has also served in Dar es Salaam Jamaat’s Arbitration Committee as well as a Board member of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Hospital – with a particular passion for the project of building the new hospital.  He is now a motivational/Inspirational speaker giving regular Saturday Fajr lectures at Dar Imambara.

Personal development:


he highest achievers and successful humans have developed certain habits, mindsets, and strategies to succeed in mostly all aspects of life. If one tries to adopt these habits, one can radically change his/her life. Here are some ways in which you can lead a full life

4. Self-Reflection:

This is key to understanding who you are today & who you want to become in the future. Through reflection, we can evaluate the choices we have made to see if they are producing the results we hoped for. Without thought, we cannot learn from past mistakes or correct our habits and decisions that negatively impact our lives. Asking questions like: am I happy now? What daily habits consume your most time, and what do you want to be in the next five years? 

5. Focus on learning & growth:

If we do not fail and make mistakes, we will never know where to improve, because that would mean we are flawless. When you face a setback, accept it and move forward. We all face challenges, the only difference between two people is how they respond to the obstacles. Whether you rise again and again or run away from challenges. 

6. Evaluate your inner circle:

‘you become an average of 5 people you spend the most time with. Ensure your inner circle is of a positive mindset, inspiring, encouraging & empowering you. 

6. Healthy Relationships:

Connection with people who love and value us is the only safety net in life. Successful people thrive in the presence of successful people. The road to success can’t be achieved by stepping on people. It has been scientifically established that strong personal connections lead to success. Not only do they add value to our lives – they make us healthier.

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