Katrina’s Wrath – Magnitude of Ingratitude

By Husseinali Datoo

(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

PEOPLE IN TROUBLE BEG FOR A SAVIOUR…. WE HAVE ONE…An estimated 10 Million visitors come to New Orleans every year “The Big Easy” is also known around the world for its drunken permissiveness, where alcohol seems to flow through the streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week: This is the city where everyone indulges themselves in late-night drunkenness and lasciviousness.

Like Bangkok, New Orleans is renowned for gross sexual immorality in all forms. Almost any fleshly desire can be satisfied in the French Quarter; millions flock to the nightly out spots for sinful lust that is beyond any comprehension. In the midst of this truly immoral environment, everything against the law of Allah SWT goes! Gambling has been a way of life generating millions of dollars creating a breeding ground for criminal activity and destroying marriages and families. Since the casinos opened, robberies shot up 218 percent — burglaries doubled —rapes tripled — vehicle theft went up 166 percent — arson cases increased by 150 percent —assaults were up 66 percent — and vehicular accidents grew by 62 percent.  Clearly, in an environment of shameless drug deals and drive-by shootings, human life has no meaning in this city of despair.

Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast just outside the city of New Orleans on August 29 and swept devastation through the area sending a devastating wall of water into Mississippi and 80% of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, was submerged by waters as deep as 6m (20ft), thousands were killed and more than one million people were displaced.

More so, Katrina showed the ugly face of racism and human despair where an astonishing 28 percent are living below the poverty line and Stately homes and plush gardens are surrounded by ghettos inhabited by African Americans reminiscent of a war-ravaged third world village where family breakups are common and most of the children are from single parents. Violence at school, violence in the streets and, often, violence at home conditions young children and teens into moral bankruptcy. Because this is all they will have been exposed to, the youths are growing up believing that all this is normal! The next generation that will perpetuate the same endless cycle of despair. – This is the self-indulgence of Freedom, Human rights and democracy that they preach in the “self styled” strongest nation on earth!

Whenever any disaster like this strikes, they look for answers and often ask, why did God let this happen? Most do not know the answer. God’s ways are often beyond our understanding, and yet He is sovereign.

Prophet Nuh A.S. who was a great messenger of Allah S.W.T labuored hard to go among the people and bring them to the true path. The people of that time rebuked Nuh A.S. and called him a liar.  Nuh (AS) replied:  “You indulge yourselves in ignorance and continue the wrong way.  Who am I to send a curse upon you or rescue you from punishment?  I am but a human being as you are.  I am sometimes inspired through divine revelation that there is only one God and that there is nothing or anything similar to Him.  I communicate what I am inspired to you.  Sometimes I give you glad tidings so that you will be blessed with Allah’s good reward, and sometimes I warn you of Allah’s wrath.  O People!  You must know that all will finally return to Him.  As he wishes, you will be directed; otherwise, you will be stricken by his wrath and inevitably Allah will bring it on you if He so wills, and then you will not be able to stop it.” The rest is history.

In this day and age of rapid moral corruption, erosion of morals, poverty, misery and disorder that throws the lives of people into complete disarray and make them look for answers and wish for a peaceful life where virtue prevails and under circumstances where people suffer from tyranny of unjust leaders, economic and social problems the need for a saviour is profoundly felt. As in every age, people hope that a saviour will appear.

Al Hamdulillah Our saviour Imame Zamana A.F. is amongst us living, and who will take mankind from the “darkness to the light,” and will render corrupted ideologies invalid. This is the person who will remove the unfavourable aspects of the system caused by the disbelief (kufr) of the ruler and his people and bring peace, justice and security that come along with obedience to Allah S.W.T. and the pure progeny of Muhammad S.A.W.W.

The ungodly world is engulfing us in our daily lives, our Islamic value systems are under direct threat and nor is our future generations immune to prevailing permissiveness and decadence portrayed on our Television screens. We have gone afar to please ourselves than Allah SWT and his chosen Hujjat on earth Imame Zamana A.F.

Some say disasters like the recent Tsunami and Katrina are a punishment and some may say it is the sign Allah S.W.T., more so it all adds up to a wake up call to us that if we follow the life of vulgarity and disobedience to Allah SWT and his chosen Ahlulbayt A.S., than is it impossible that we will be struck like them?

As we wait for the appearance of the Hujjat A.F. it is our solemn duty to propagate the Islam original and only people having real values can bring solutions to all the trouble that people experience today and save humanity.

Let us adhere to the teachings of Ahlulbayt A.S. and pray to Allah SWT to hasten the appearance of the awaited Hujjat A.F. and what more let us invoke him now to protect us, guide us and help us in spreading the message of his divine appearance. Amen

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